We are looking for volunteers with the capacity to deliver wellbeing and life skills programmes within our new multiculural Womens Centre in Thessaloniki

9. October 2017
Tags: education | Greece: North and East | arts / sports / music | cooking / food | language | ongoing | long-term | ASAP

We are looking for people who are able to deliver a range of safe, creative and responsive psycho-social and wellbeing programmes with diverse groups of women at our new multicultural Womens Centre in Thessaloniki.

People with experience, training or cultural awareness, who could contribute to a diverse programme of activities, are welcome to be in contact, to begin a discussion.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please email info@ intervolvegr.com, telling us a little about yourself and we can send further information

We would really encourage contact from people living locally, and are looking especially for a long term commitment as the success of womens wellbeing programmes will be based on building relationships and trust




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