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24. May 2017
Tags: logistics / warehouses | general support | Greece: North and East | Greece: West | work with kids | drivers license | arts / sports / music | cooking / food | long-term | welcome anytime

We have vacancies for volunteers from the last week of May and need 25-30 people a day to deliver all that we do. Our distribution model for free shops and clothes boutiques is seen as best practice and being replicated by other NGOs.  As a highly trusted NGO, we've been in Alexandreia since April 2016 where we also run a kitchen, community centre, adult language classes, children's activities and warehouse. In October, we established a similar operation in Filippiada, just opened in LM Village at the end of April with a mini-market and we are ready to support refugees with an impressive arcade when refugees arrive at Katsikas this summer. http://www.refugeesupport.eu/projects/

Please note that due to the ever-changing nature of our work, we are currently unable to accept applications more than 6 weeks in advance. Please apply a maximum of 6 weeks before you want to arrive.

We ask volunteers to commit to about 2-4 weeks. We need you to keep these services running and to help us improve what we do. You will be well supported and be part of a successful volunteer NGO making a difference.

This will give you an overview of our activities now after one year: http://www.refugeesupport.eu/our-first-birthday-thank-you-for-your-support/ If you can help please let us know here http://www.refugeesupport.eu/help-us-with-your-time/  where we also have a short video about volunteering You can check out some of the stories from the almost 400 amazing individuals who have already volunteered with us here: http://www.refugeesupport.eu/volunteer-stories/ 

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