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6. September 20161-euro store (Kalloni)

6. September 20161-euro store (Kalloni)

6. September 20161-euro store (Mytilene)

29. July 20161-euro store (Mytilene)

29. July 20161-euro store (Mytilene; approx location)

somewhere around this square, "across from Dodonis coffee"

29. July 20165asec laundry

7. September 2016A Little Taste of Home

Syrian-owned global restaurant in Athens (owner Ahmad Alssaleh)

6. September 2016AITIMA

4-6 Tripou Street Athens 117 41 Tel: 0030 210 9241667 Fax: 0030 210 9241677 E-mail: Contact person: Spyros Rizakos *** Legal aid, social & material support, monitoring and advocacy

6. September 2016ARSIS - Association for the Social Support of Youth (main office)

43 Mauromateon street GR-10434 Athens (Mavrommateon) E-mail: Contact persons: Ms Maria Kaldani Ms Katerina Poutou ***ARSIS also operates in THESSALONIKI, VOLOS, ALEXANDROUPOLIS **shelters, social support and legal aid

29. July 2016Aegean University

29. July 2016Aeolos Rent a Car

Aggelaki 23, Thessaloniki 546 21, Greece

29. July 2016Agia Irini Park / Kipos Garden

Garden and cafe behind town hall.

7. September 2016Agios Andreas -- closed as of Dec 22 2016

Max 200, empty as of mid-December 2016 66% Syrian (Arabic), 19% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 15% other as of mid-April 2016 48% children

29. July 2016Agios Giorgos / St George

Very dangerous spot for boats to land.

29. July 2016Agios Nicolas / St Nicolas

chapel on north coast that is a landmark for boat landings.

29. July 2016Agrotiki Stegi (tools, hardware) *OPEN SUNDAY*

Or: +30 22530 23275 or +30 697 2023207 or this is the best place on the island for tools. Open Mon-Fri 8-3 & 5-8, open Sat AND Sunday 8-3pm

19. October 2016Airbnb -- Nikos Kaisidis -- approx location

near Pigi, outside Polykastro. Has hosted many volunteers.

29. July 2016Airbnb Mytilene apartment

Very cheap, sleeps 3:

6. September 2016Airbnb Mytilene villa

Sleeps 8, very cheap if full:

29. July 2016Airbnb Pamfila 1 (approx location)

Sleeps 3, works out to ~60 euros per night:

29. July 2016Airbnb Pamfila 2 (approx location)

Inexpensive villa on Airbnb, sleeps 2:

29. July 2016Airbnb Panagiouda (approx location)

Very inexpensive, sleeps 5:

29. July 2016Airbnb Thermis (approx location)

Villa, sleeps 6, ~30 euros per person per night

29. July 2016Airport

You`ll need a taxi to get from the airport to Mytilene town. They wait for planes, but you can also ask your hotel to arrange a taxi driver to meet you. (There is also a city bus, but it doesn`t run frequently, and it`s not practical if you have luggage.)

29. July 2016Airport (boat arrival point)

as landmark for boat landings

29. July 2016Akamakis Wholesalers (approx)

food mainly, will deliver pallets to Moria. Call Chris: +30 694 7834884

29. July 2016Aklidi Hotel

35 euros single room / 45euros double / 55euros for 3. Mr Marianthi / Mr Panayotis 26, Evagelistrias Street, Down Town Mytilini

29. July 2016Akti Hotel Special rates for volunteers or helpers for minimum one week. Ask for Maria :

29. July 2016Albatross -- camping gear, wet weather -- message through FB, owner speaks English

6. September 2016Alexandra Women's Hospital

Maternity Hospital Leof. Vasilissis Sofias 80

7. September 2016Alexandreia (G. Pelagou camp)

Max 1200, 422 as of May 2017 99% Syrian (Arabic), 1% Iraqi, as of January 2017 site managed by UNHCR Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016): Refugee Support (primary org working here): Also spelled Alexandria, Alexandrea.

22. January 2017Alimos Asylum and Relocation Center

Greek government relocation office. Started its operation on September 2016. (Formerly all relocation processing was at Katehaki.) It is responsible for completing the relocation of individuals applying for international protection in member states of the European Union, according to the European Council’s decisions of 2015 (nr. 1523 and 1601) Address: 6, Dodekanissou Str., 17456 Alimos Fax: (0030) 2109943947 E-mail: In the same building as International Office of Migration (IOM). Metro Line 2 (red line). Exit at Ilioupoli station towards Vouliagmenis Avenue. Walk towards Dodekanisou Street. The total walk distance is 400m.

29. July 2016Alonia Taverna

Popular restaurant in Molyvos

10. May 2017Alpha Bank (Mantamados)

closest bank / ATM to Skala Sykamineas

6. September 2016Amalia Hostel

Mr. Manolis Psoras 9 Omirou St., 82100, Chios also +302271021943

29. July 2016Americaniki Agora

army surplus, camping gear

6. September 2016Amnesty International - Greek Section

30, Sina Str. GR-106 72 Athens Contact person: Ms. Dimitra Spatharidou ***advocacy (added via RefuComm)

30. September 2016Amurtel clinic

Aristotelous 98, 5F Providing midwifery care for pregnant women, and mothers and babies. Look for the falafel shop on the ground floor of the building.

7. September 2016Andravidas: Kyllini (LM Village)

Max 300, 172 in May 2017 100% Syrian (Arabic, Kurdish) as of Feb 2017 66% children site managed by UNHCR also called Myrsini, Mirsini Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

29. July 2016Antony Rent a Car +30 6976002770. Has regular cars, a minibus and two 4WD vehicles. Can do pickup at airport for free.

29. July 2016Aphrodite (hotel)

landing point for boats. (named for the hotel here on the water)

8. February 2017Aphrodite's Rooms

In Skala Sykamineas. Shared kitchen facilities--good for long stay.

6. September 2016Arachovis 44 squat

42-44 Arahovis for single men aka Trito Fititiko Estatorio Araxovis

7. September 2016Archaeological Park (Kos)

on Kos, open camp

29. July 2016Argo Hotel Mitilini

Refugee-friendly (accepted refugees in winter 2017)

6. September 2016Asimakopoulou (aka Kavala)

UNHCR max 270, 80 as of May 2017 ---- was closed as of mid-December 2016. Reopened April 2017. Army camp just outside Kavala.

29. July 2016Astro Hotel contact: Evelyn

6. September 2016AthenStyle hotel and hostel, as low as 16 euros/night

26. October 2016Athens (main city pin)

This is just a pin to make the database work. :) All work in central Greece without a specific location will be associated with this map pin.

6. September 2016Athens Airport Holding Facility

update:2013 Unaccompanied minors Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers

6. September 2016Athens Bar Association (LA)

60, Akadimias Str. GR-106 79 Athens E-mail: Contact person: Mrs Maria Mantouvalou (via RefuComm)

8. December 2016Athens CheckPoint (HIV testing)

offers free and anonymous HIV, HBV HCV testing. LGBTQ-friendly. Address: Pittaki 4, Athens, 10554 (Near Monastiraki Metro station)

29. September 2016Athens Studios

Discounts for volunteers 3A Veikou St

29. September 2016Athens Style hotel / hostel

Discounts for volunteers. They have security lockers to put your person items in but will need to bring your own padlock. The reception is open 24/7 Agias Theklas 10

6. September 2016Athens Train Station

Sidirodromikos Stathmos Larissis

6. September 2016Attica Aliens Police Directorate at Petrou Ralli Street

update:2013 Unaccompanied minors Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers families

29. July 2016Attika warehouse

6. September 2016Auto Union rent a car (approx location)

gives discounts to volunteers

29. July 2016AutoUnion Car Rental

recommended car rental. can meet you at the airport or in Mytilene.

29. July 2016Avance Rent a Car

Aggelaki 7, Thessaloniki 546 21

29. July 2016Ayios Theodoros

road down to the beach here is not passable even by 4x4, park near the gate shown and walk. Please close the gate to keep the sheep in! Be careful with fires, and don`t burn the sticks used to make the fence to keep the sheep in. Farmer understandably irate about his sheep getting lost!

29. July 2016BP station

sells tents, cable ties and other useful things

6. September 2016Babel Day Center

For psychological and psychiatric support for migrants and refugees with interpreters speaking your language. LGBTQ-friendly. Open daily from 9am to 5pm – on Tuesday and Thursday it remains open until 8pm. I. Drosopoulou 72 (near Platia Amerikis) – Athens E-mail: babel(at) Tel: 210 - 8616266 Contact person: Nikos Gkionakis *** psychosocial services Details of program:

29. July 2016Bakery Samiotis

Very refugee-friendly! Also at Ermou 31.

29. July 2016Banks

Quite a few in a row here. For ATMs and exchange.

29. July 2016Bella Vista

29. July 2016Belvedere Hotel Lesvos

Belvedere Hotel is offering rooms for 10 euros a night to volunteers.
They offer clean, warm rooms with hot water. It's a good hotel with good sight of the bay. Tell them you are volunteering with the Kempsons to get the deal. Email

5. May 2017Bicycle and motorbike shop

Sells new bikes and mopeds.

29. July 2016Billy's Car Rental (approx location) Also offices in Mytilene

29. July 2016Blue Sea

Most expensive hotel in Mytilene. Hosts UNHCR and other meetings.

29. July 2016Bobiras Cafe

good food, volunteer- and refugee-friendly.

29. July 2016Bootvluchtelingen (Boat Refugees) warehouse / EFAM

5. December 2016Bridges Humanitarian Initiative

Vilara 2, 10437 Athens. Monday to Thursday 9-5, clothing, food pack distribution (temporarily suspended, as of Nov 25), access to skype, legal information about accessing the asylum system and integration support.

6. September 2016CARITAS Athens – Refugee Program (main office and day center)

52, Kapodistriou street GR - 104 32 Athens Tel: 210 52 46637, 5249564 Fax: 210 52 46646 E-mail: *** material help and social support. ***medical assistance Contact person: Ms Marietta Provopoulou Day centre. 8:00-16:00

8. October 2016Camping Limnopoula

on the lake, run by the Nautical Club of Ioannina (NOI) 10, Konstantinou Kanari Street

29. July 2016Carrefour -- can order online Tea, fruit, vegetables, hygiene products

29. July 2016Castle (boat landing)

Boat landing spot north of Mytilene port

6. September 2016Chalkero - Eski Kapou‬ (Kavala) -- closed

350 max, now empty Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

6. September 2016Chalkidos 21 squat

aka hospital squat

6. September 2016Chandris Rent a Car (approx) - discount for volunteers, small car for 15 Euro per day + optional 5 Euro insurance. can do pickup at airport or port.

29. July 2016Chapel aka St Demetrios

Landmark on the dirt road connecting Eftalou and Skala Sykamineas. Boats can land anywhere along here. For medical response, this is the dividing line between zones 1 and 2 (west of here) and zone 3 (east of here).

7. September 2016Cherso (camp. Mazaraki) -- closed as of mid-December 2016

Empty as of mid-December 2016 -- residents moved to housing projects, hotels and Larissa camp Formerly Syrian/Iraqi 65% Syrian (Arabic), 35% Iraqi Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016): FB group: Volunteers Kilkis

29. July 2016Chinese shop (Mytilene) *OPEN SUNDAY*

clothing and household items

29. July 2016Chinese store -- OPEN SUNDAY

Open until 6pm Sundays, 8pm other nights. Has blankets, sleeping bags, clothes.

6. September 2016Chios Rooms

Don & Dina 110 L. Aigaiou St., Chios Mob: +306972833841

6. September 2016Chios Screening Centre (ex Mersinidi Detention Centre)

Detention facility for people being deported. No volunteer access. Capacity estimated at 1,000. (formerly Mersinidi detention facility)

6. September 2016Chios airport

6. September 2016City Plaza

former hotel, now a squat Acharnon 78 and Katrivanou

12. January 2017Clara Hotel

volunteer- and refugee-friendly in Petra, near Molyvos

29. July 2016Coco Cafe (Sunday buffet!)

discounts for volunteers and Sunday buffet 3-7pm, 10eu per person +30 6939044454

29. July 2016Copy Center

Excellent copy shop with lots of supplies (notebooks, pens, etc). Very helpful, good English. Has maps, Greek-Arabic phrase lists and other info for refugees on file, if you want copies made.

29. July 2016Cosmote

Mobile phone store.

29. July 2016Cosmote -- SIM cards

Ermou 40 You can buy a „Cosmote Internet On The Go Prepaid SIM only pack: 5 GB for 30,00 €, 3 GB for 18,00 €, 2 GB for 10,00 €

20. October 2016Crossroads Hostel

Athanasiou Diakou 1, Thessaloniki

6. September 2016Dates, teas, lentils, spices etc

Typical Prices: 5 KG Dates: 17.50 Euros 100 teabags: 2 Euros

29. July 2016Delfinia Hotel & Bungalows

7. September 2016Derveni-Alexil-Liti (Thessaloniki)

Max 850, 109 in May 2017 100% Syrian (Arabic), as of January 2017 48% children site managed by International Organization for Migration (IOM) aka Alexyl, aka Dervene

6. September 2016Derveni-Dion-Avete

See FB group Information Point for Northern Greece Volunteers Max 400, 111 in May 2017 [no UNHCR report available] Also spelled Dion Abete

14. January 2017Dianthi Apartments


29. July 2016Dianthi Apartments


7. September 2016Diavata (camp. Anagnostopoulou)

2500 max, 299 in May 2017 74% Syrian (Arabic), 18% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 8% other as of January 2017 site managed by Ministry of National Defence and Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland (ASB) Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

6. September 2016Didymoteicho Border Guard Station

update:2013 Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers criminals arrested

29. July 2016Dimosthenis Traditional Guesthouse

Goumenissa, Kilkis

6. September 2016Dirty Girls Laundry

27. September 2016Doctors Without Borders (MSF) clinic

Solonos 133 Tuesdays to Fridays 9am to 4pm Has Farsi-speaking doctors, also women doctors - mental health - sexual and reproductive health - sexual violence - health promotion and education

7. October 2016Doctors Without Borders (MSF) clinic

Agioritiou Panselinou, opposite IKA, in Epano Skala, Mytilene intended primarily for residents of Kara Tepe; will be expanded to Moria and local population (October 2016)

7. September 2016Doliana (Ioannina)

Max 400, 81 as of April 2017 58% children, 86% Syrian (Arabic), 14% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto) as of January 2017 site managed by UNHCR Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

6. September 2016Donkey

Starfish warehouse

29. July 2016Doukas -- vinyl banners & other printing

For more complex orders than the regular copy shops can do. 90x137cm for 40euro including 4 metal rings for hanging.

7. September 2016Drama (Municipality)

Max 550, 234 as of May 2017 ----- closed mid-December 2016, reopened April 2017. 75% Syrian (Arabic), 25% Iraqi as of late March 2016 Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

6. September 2016Drama Paranesti Pre-removal Detention Centre

update:2013 Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers

6. September 2016EMAK (Ioannina) -- closed as of late February 2017

Max 250, empty as of late Feb 2017

7. September 2016ERCI main office

2as Merarchias 3, Piraeus

29. July 2016Eftalou Olive Grove Hotel

29. July 2016Efthalou

29. September 2016Elaionas (Eleonas) weekend market

aka "Gypsy market" -- every Saturday from about 10pm until late afternoon Sunday, across from Elaionas / Eleonas metro station. Roma families sell everything: fruit and veg, clothing, shoes, antiques. Good for inexpensive shoes, winter jackets, blankets.

6. September 2016Elefsina (Merchant Marine Academy)

Max 346, 314 as of May 2017 ------------------------ 99% Afghan / Farsi-speaking, 1% Syrian, as of January 17 (UNHCR site report) Very poor distribution practices here as of January 2017 (per In the Loop newsletter) Very poor hygiene, as of March 2017 (per In the Loop newsletter)

8. October 2016Eleni's Rooms

Katsimitrou 31, in Perama 20€/night (double) and 25€/night (triple)

7. September 2016Eleonas

Max 2500, 2003 as of May 2017 ------------------------------ January 2017 UNHCR site report gives this as three camps: Eleonas I and II: 55% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 35% Syrian (Arabic), 10% other Eleonas III: 75% Syrian, 20% Afghan, 5% Iraqi Cabins for 8 people with a shared bathroom. Usually used for families. Also spelled Elaionas. Run by Ministry of Migration Policy (MoMP) Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

7. September 2016Elliniko I (Hockey stadium)

Max 1400, 419 as of early May 2017 ----------------------------- 98% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 1% Pakistani (Urdu), 1% other, as of January 2017 42% men run by Ministry for Migration Policy and Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

7. September 2016Elliniko II (West/Olympic Arrivals)

Max 1400, 359 in May 2017 ---------------------- 99% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 1% other, as of January 2017 40% men run by Ministry for Migration Policy and Danish Refugee Council (DRC)

7. September 2016Elliniko III (Baseball stadium)

Max 1300, 207 in May 2017 98% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 1% Pakistani (Urdu), Other 1%, as of January 2017 run by Ministry for Migration Policy and Danish Refugee Council

6. September 2016Elliniko Warehouse (Pampiraiki)

The warehouse is in the disused Elliniko airport. It is run by the group Pampiraiki (also spelled Pempiraiki, Pamperaiki).
TO WORK: Daily help is welcome and needed. Please send email in advance to, so your name will be on the list for the guards. Present yourself at the security gate on the coast road (Poseidonos) between the Olympic building and the Basketball Stadium--this is just north of the bus/tram stop "Elliniko" (see photo below.) From the gate walk or drive to the pin location (see photo below for driving route).
TO REQUEST SUPPLIES: If you are the main camp/squat contact, introduce yourself via email to Katerina or Negia: (details:
--bus B2 and all buses from Athens / Piraeus to Glyfada / Voula / Vouliagmeni. "Elliniko" stop.
--tram (slow!) from Syntagma or Neo Faliro (Σ.Ε.Φ.) to Voula. "Elliniko" stop.
--Do not use metro. The station

29. July 2016Elysion

Hotel and boat landing landmark

30. October 2016Enjoy Just Falafel

Aristotelous 98 Owner George Jarabandi [] is from Syria but has been in Greece for 28 years and is fluent in Greek, English and, Arabic. He has supported refugees for many months at the port and at V Sq. He also has an apartment in Victoria Plaza that he rents to volunteers at a special rate.

6. September 2016Epigraph warehouse

in Nea Magnesia FB: epigrafes nea magnisia

29. July 2016Eriphilly
Contact directly Mrs. Doulgeris, she will arrange the price according the number of persons and how many nights you want to stay. She said that it will be approximatively like this:
For one week for instance, renting an appartment would be 20 euros a night (140 euros a week). It can fit 1 or 2 persons and it would be 25 euros if it is for 3 persons.
For one month, she can make it 500 euros.
The appartments contain one double bed and one couch that fits two persons as well.
17 euros. It can fit 1 or two persons. If there is a third person, the price would be 25 euros.
+30 225 30 71 831 or mobile phone +30 69 3739 11 37

29. July 2016Ermou -- main shopping street

29. July 2016Ermou 138 -- waterproof gear

Highly recommended by island resident for inexpensive waterproof trousers and coats, with linings. Address: Ermou 138

29. July 2016EuroSpar Supermarket

29. July 2016Europcar

Panos Spinelis . recommended.

29. July 2016Evelyn Cafe

Very volunteer-friendly, very chill, cheap. Local products.  9am-2:30pm and 5pm-10pm daily

6. September 2016FAROS – Supporting Refugee Minors (main office)

18, Ioulianou street GR - 10682 Athens E-mail: Contact person: Kenneth Brant Hansen *** Social support, educational and sport activities

6. September 2016Faidra B&B

13, M.Livanou St., 82100, Chios

29. July 2016Fame Coffee

good wifi / internet

30. September 2016Faros Family Centre for Women and Children

Elpidos 7 9:30-14:30 (Monday to Friday) Also for unaccompanied minors and teenages

6. September 2016Feres Police and Border Guard Station

update:2013 Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers criminals arrested

29. July 2016Ferogia

7. September 2016Filippiada (Preveza, camp. Petropoulaki)

Max 700, 245 as of May 2017 67% Syrian (Arabic and Kurdish), 33% Afghan as of January 2017 54% children site managed by UNHCR Facebook: Information Point for Filippiada Volunteers Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

29. July 2016Fishing Volan -- raincoats etc

also in Petra

29. July 2016Fontana rooms

Refugee-friendly (accpeted refugees in winter 2017)
Double bedrooms : 28 euros
Studio for 3 persons : 31 euros
+30 2251047920

6. September 2016Fylakio Pre-removal Detention Centre (RIC)

Max 214, 173 as of January 2017 27% Pakistani (Urdu), 25% Syrian (Arabic / Kurdish?), as of January 2017 ( Unaccompanied minors Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers

7. September 2016Giannitsa -- temporarily (?) closed

Emptied in early September 2016 due to flooding. May be reopened with containers. Still empty as of mid-Feb 2017. Facebook: Solidarity Giannitsa Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

6. September 2016GoldCar


6. September 2016Greek Council for Refugees (GCR)

Solomou 12 and Solomou 25, Exarheia, Athens GCR is a Greek Non-Governmental Organization that supports asylum seekers and refugees in Greece. GCR offers free of charge legal counselling and social assistance. LGBTQ friendly. Opening for an appointment. *** Legal aid, social support, material support, cultural & educational activities, monitoring, advocacy, networking ***GCR operates in its Offices in ATHENS and THESSALONIKI and is also present in ORESTIADA (EVROS) and IDOMENI (KILKIS). Main contact: Vasiliki Tsipoura, Attorney-at-Law Coordinator of the Legal Unit,

6. September 2016Greek Forum of Refugees

9-13 Gravias str. GR - 10678 Athens Email: Contact person: Yonous Muhammadi *** multinational refugee community network (via RefuComm)

14. December 2016Green Motion car rental / long-term leasing

Salaminos 2 Recommended for long-term lease deals

6. September 2016Group of Lawyers for the Rights of Migrants and Refugees

11, Ioulianou & Rethymnou street GR - 10682 Athens Email: (courtesy RefuComm)

6. September 2016Guardian Angel Child

Kolokotroni 79? Orphanage that looks after children on their own / unaccompanied minors 6978062517

30. September 2016Helena Venizelou General - Maternity Hospital

Elenas Venizelou square 2, 115 21 Ambelokipi

29. July 2016Heliotrope (boat landing)

on south coast, boat landing spot, by hotel of same name

29. July 2016Heliotrope The Studios 2 types of rooms: the small ones: For one person = 40 euros and for 2 persons = 45 euros. the big ones, until 4 people: For one person = 45 euros, for 2 persons = 50 euros (and 10 euros for extra person).

6. September 2016Hellenic League of Human Rights

16, Valtetsiou street GR - 10680 Athens E-mail: Contact person: Kostas Tsitselikis (via RefuComm)

6. September 2016Hellenic Red Cross Missing Persons / Tracing Office

3rd September Street 21, Athens 2nd tel: 210-52.30.043 E-mail:

6. September 2016Hellenic Red Cross – Multifunctional Centre for Social Support and Integration of Refugees

5, Timeou street GR 104 41 Athens Helpline providing information and support to migrants: 0030 210 5140440 (helpline) E-mail; Contact persons : Melenaos Kanakis, Elpida Nomikou

6. September 2016Hellenic Red Cross – Social Welfare Department

1, Lykavitou street GR 106 72 Athens Tel/Fax: 0030 210 3605631 E-mail: Contact person: Ms Zefi Thanassoula ***vulnerable groups, including families and unaccompanied minors, food and shelter ***Hellenic Red Cross provides housing in ATHENS, LAVRIO, VOLOS, PATRA and legal aid in VOLOS and PATRA. ***medical and psychosocial services

14. October 2016Help Refugees warehouse

6. September 2016Helping Hands Refugee Ministry Services

9:00-14:00 Sofokleous 53D

29. July 2016Honda Warehouse

Formerly known as GreenGate

18. April 2017Hope Cafe

Drosopoulou 138 "Soul Food for Refugees" -- nonprofit org feeding the hungry

10. April 2017Hope Project

Our mission at the Hope Project centre is to equip and empower displaced children and adults through creative learning programmes which include Maths, Science, English, Sports, Art and Arabic, as well as a Life Skills integration programme specifically designed for young people and adults. Hope Project aims to provide a safe environment and a platform where they develop and contribute towards everything at the centre, society and their own future.

6. September 2016Hospital Okanain

Leoforos Mesogeion 152

6. September 2016Hotel Dioskouros

Hotel and hostel, rates as low as 10 euros/night: "we can offer a 15% or more discount (from any online listed price) to the volunteers that are coming to Athens/Greece to help out with the refugee crisis." Pittakou 6, Plaka, Athens Greece 10558 Office/Fax: +30 210 3233359

29. July 2016Hotel Gorgona

29. September 2016Hotel Lido

NIKIFOROU 2 refugee-friendly -- recommended for people coming to Athens for interviews

27. February 2017Hotel Sappho

Refugee-friendly (accepted refugees in winter 2017)

6. September 2016Human in Need Warehouse

MANAGER: or Dimitra Triantafyllou on facebook.

14. January 2017Humans 4 Humanity warehouse / Humanity Center

community center run by Humans 4 Humanity. also distributes some aid items.

29. July 2016IGFA car rental

Good locally owned car rental. You can arrange to pick up the car at the airport. 

6. September 2016Iasmos Police Station

update:2013 Unidentified immigrants criminals arrested

6. September 2016Igoumenitsa Coast Guard detention facility

update:2013 Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers criminals arrested

6. September 2016Il Posto

Refugee-friendly restaurant

20. October 2016Ilios Hotel

Egnatia 27

6. September 2016Integration Centre for Migrant Workers - Ecumenical Refugee Program (KSPM-ERP)

NGO of the Church of Greece 1 Iasiou str., Athens & 20 Iridanou str, Ilisia GR - 115 28, Athens Tel: +30 210 7295 927, 210 7272 270 E-mail: Web: Contact person : Mrs Efthalia Pappa ***Legal aid, psychosocial support, monitoring, advocacy, networking for capacity building of church relating organizations (via RefuComm)

6. September 2016International Office of Migration (IOM), Athens

Dodekanisou 6 handles voluntary repatration (VRP), gives info on relocation

6. September 2016International Office of Migration (IOM), Thessaloniki

Handles voluntary repatriation (VRP), gives info on relocation

7. September 2016Iraklis Farm / Ktima Irakli (Pieria)

Max 200, current 38 in April 2017 100% Syrian (Arabic) as of January 2017, 45% men Also spelled Heracleius. Some people call this Petra as well (distinct from Petra Olympou farther up in the mountains). Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

9. February 2017J's House - rooms to let

19€ per night in a double room 180 Euro per two weeks 300 Euro per month Its a shared flat, available for volunteers and professionals. All facilities included: Internet, washing machine, Central heating, hot water and electricity. Flexibility in the price for long term for interested people please contact me for photos and more details.

30. September 2016Jesuit Refugee Service Daycare Center

Smyrnis 27 10:00 – 17:00 (Monday - Friday) Contact: Daphne at 210-822.38.27, ext. 141

29. July 2016John's Hotel

Special rates for volunteers, starting at 35 euros.

29. July 2016Jumbo

general big-scale and inexpensive goods

29. July 2016Jumbo

big-box, inexpensive

6. September 2016KETHEA MOSAIC

28, Magnisias & 2, Zolioti street GR - 112 51, Athens Tel: 0030 210 8257164 Fax: 0030 210 8257163 E-mail: *** substance users recovery

17. October 2016KTEL Thessaloniki (bus station)

for buses to towns surrounding Thessaloniki aka KTEL Macedonia

29. July 2016KTEL bus stop

For buses to other parts of the island. Buses don`t run on Sundays. To Molyvos: 11.00 and 13.15 Monday-Friday, 11.00 only on Saturday. To Kalloni, the same plus 15.10 M-F. DOUBLE-CHECK schedules at because they change seasonally.

6. September 2016Kafaloukas

Recommended for good-quality shoes. Ermou 32.

29. July 2016Kalloni

29. July 2016Kalloni Health Centre

7. September 2016Kalochori-Iliadi-SK Market (Thessaloniki) -- closed as of March 2017

500 max, empty as of late March 2017 Formerly Syrian (Arabic and Kurdish) and Iraqi, 53% children (as of January 2017) Tents inside a large warehouse space

12. January 2017Kaniggos 22

Opened January 2017.

29. July 2016Kantina B

boat landing landmark

7. September 2016Kara Tepe

Camp for identified "vulnerable" cases (mostly families), run by the Lesvos municipality. 44% Afghan (Farsi, Dari, Pashto), 22% Syrian (Arabic, Kurdish), 34% other, as of January 2017. All arrived after March 20, 2016. 47% children Camp director: Stavros

6. September 2016Karaiskaki Square

by the Metaxeorgiou metro stop

7. September 2016Karamanlis (Thessaloniki) -- closed as of late March 2017

Official max 600, empty as of late March 2017 Formerly: Languages: Arabic (90% Syrian, 10% Iraqi, as of January 2017 also called Sindos Karamanli

29. July 2016Karampola -- clothing, delivery

For clothes, shoes, underwear and everything you need - Good prices - nice Greek people They bring all to the place you want (delivers) Tel : +30 6942210329, Dimitris Facebook : Karampola: Kiparrision 2 Mytilini -Lesbos

31. October 2016Kastoria Hotel

HOTEL KASTORIA is a listed and historic building in the center of Thessaloniki. Kastoria hotel offers simple and affordable rooms. Free Wi-Fi is available in the entire hotel. There are rooms with shared bathroom/shower for 20 Euro. Very basic and facing noisy street. Leontos Sofou 17, Egnatia 24, Thessaloniki, Greec

29. July 2016Katia

boat landing lookout and medical aid spot

7. September 2016Katsikas (Ioannina) -- pending reopening (March 2017)

Max 1500, closed/ empty as of mid-December 2016 80% Syrian (Arabic and Kurdish), 15% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 5% other, as of late March 2016 KATSIKA IOANNINA Volunteers Information Point Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016): Also on FB:

29. July 2016Kavos

North coast, south of Korakas

29. July 2016Kaya (Kagia Beach)

Long stretch of beach on north coast, east of Skala Sykamineas. No aid or services, but boats land here from time to time.

29. July 2016Kempsons house / store

Philippa and Eric Kempson work out of their house and shop here in Eftalou (Efthalou). They have a small warehouse.

6. September 2016Khora

Day center with language classes and other support. LGBTQ-friendly. Asklipiou 80,

6. September 2016Kifissia Police Station (Kifisia)

update:2013 Unidentified immigrants criminals arrested

6. September 2016Kipselochori (Larissa) -- closed as of late October 2016

Max 600, empty in fall 2016

29. July 2016Kitchen Bite

good wifi in Panagiouda

6. September 2016Klimaka – Organization for Development of Human & Social Capital

30-32 Evmolpidon street, 11854 Athens Tel: 0030 210 3417160, -2,-3, 210 3454895,-6 Fax: 0030 210 3417164 E- mail: Contact person: Ms. Theodorikakou *** psychosocial services

6. September 2016Koiumoundourou

6. September 2016Komotini Pre-removal Detention Centre

update:2013 Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers | inadequate

7. September 2016Konitsa (child care center)

Max 200, 100 as of April 2017 100% Syrian (Arabic), as of January 2017 56% children site managed by UNHCR and Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity (MoLSS) Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

29. July 2016Konstantinos Makrelis -- SHOES

Ermou 136. Ask for Minoglou brand shoes and receive 20% discount, possibly more.

29. July 2016Korakas

4x4 only road. There is a lighthouse, not to be confused with the Lighthouse west of Eftalou. The beach is rocky, steep and a difficult place to land. Lighthouse Relief does boat spotting here.

7. September 2016Kordelio Softex (Thessaloniki)

Max 1500, actual pop 448 in May 2017 90% Syrian (Arabic), 8% Iraqi, 2% other, as of January 2017 50% children site managed by Greek Army and Red Cross

6. September 2016Kordello Border Guard Station

update:2012 Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers criminals arrested

6. September 2016Kordogiannis Farm - Vasilika

aka Ktima Kordogianni, Nea Redestos, Souroti Capacity: max 1500, population 43 as of May 2017 (was empty/closed. reopened in Jan/Feb 2017 to house relocated people from islands.) warehouse on premises FB community page: Vasilika Camp

6. September 2016Korinthos (Corinth) Detention Facility

Detention facility for people being deported. No volunteer access. Capacity estimated at 1,000. (formerly Mersinidi detention facility)

6. September 2016Kosti Palama Square

29. July 2016Kotsovolos

Housewares, small appliances. Get your tea kettle here :)

7. September 2016Koutsochero (Larissa)

Max 1500, 1,058 as of May 2017 Was closed/empty in fall 2016; reopened to receive people from Cherso. housing donated by UAE. camp report is from mid-March 2016, and not accurate w/r/t camp population. As of spring 2017, on-site volunteer reported majority Arab (Syria, Iraq, mostly Arabic-speaking, some Kurdish), with a few Afghans. Large population of children.

6. September 2016Kurdish Centre

Aristotelous 187 (end of street, north of Victoria Square) provides support for Kurds

29. July 2016Lagkada (Lesvos)

Boats arriving here

7. September 2016Lagkadikia (Voyiatzoglou)

Max 650, 203 as of May 2017 93% Syrian (Arabic), 7% Iraqi, as of January 2017 40% children, 40% men, 20% women Greek Camp Report: (mid-April 2016) Managed by Danish Refugee Council Also spelled: Lagadikia

29. July 2016Lasia

Hotel and boat landing landmark. Also the turn for Pikpa.

8. October 2016Lavrio (asylum centre)

Max 400, 354 as of May 2017 ------------------ 96% Syrian (Arabic and Kurdish), 3% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 1% Pakistani (Urdu) as of January 2017 43% children Run by UNHCR aka Centre for Temporary Accommodation of Foreigners Asylum Seekers Lavrion

28. October 2016Lazy Fish


6. September 2016Lepida (Leros)

Hotspot / detention center 36% Syrian, 28% Iraqi (Arabic and Kurdish), 36% other, as of January 2017 51% men FB: Leros Volunteers

6. September 2016Leroy Merlin

Better than Praktiker for home goods, cleaning supplies, building supplies, say some locals. Take the 420 bus.

29. July 2016Lesvion Hotel

Recommended hotel--well priced for location. 
50 double
65 triple
80 euros quadruple
+30 225 10 28177
Refugee-friendly (accpeted refugees in winter 2017)

29. July 2016Lesvos Bags -- general gear

Can order many things! Kostas is owner. See Facebook page:

29. July 2016Lesvos Car Rentals Confirmed volunteer- and refugee-friendly! Office is in Mytilene town, but can arrange pickup at airport. Tel:+30-22510-27825 Mob:+30-6932896712 Fax:+30-22510-44280 E-mail: URL:

27. February 2017Lesvos Inn Resort

refugee-friendly (accepted refugees in winter 2017)

29. July 2016Lidl

grocery store

29. July 2016Life vest dump

Follow dirt road up the hill and around. You MUST have permission from the mayor's office in Mytilene to remove any materials from the dump.

29. July 2016Lighthouse (west) / Limantziki

Beach point for reference when communicating with boat rescue teams. Please note: there is also a lighthouse on the east side, well past Skala Sykamineas. *That* should be referred to as "The End" to avoid confusion. *Limantziki* is the beach just west of here, where Greek lifeguards are based.

29. September 2016Lilia Hotel

131 Zeas, Piraeus Discounts for volunteers

29. July 2016Limanaki Rooms

Hotel/ B&B - 12 studios. 500 per month for 2 persons. Marianthi Sarapoglou Varia (39.0773158, 26.5795304) / 4km south-east to Mytilini port (48 min walk) & close to the airport.

29. July 2016Loriet

hotel and landmark for boat landings

29. July 2016Lucy Hotel

Special rates for volunteers from 35 euros.

29. July 2016Lymnidaria

north coast landing point, west of Korakas

29. July 2016MB Electrical Supplies

Tel: 22510 22174 / 22510 22175

6. September 2016METAdrasi – Action for Migration and Development (main office)

8, Thesprotias street GR - 104 44 Athens GREECE Tel.: 0030 210 5138404 Fax: 0030 210 5126442 E-mail: Contact persons : Mary Laura Capodistria, Evdokia Kouvara *** interpretation services, escorting and legal support of unaccompanied minors *** METAdrasi also operates in LESVOS, SAMOS, CHIOS, KOS, LEROS, IDOMENI (KILKIS)

29. July 2016Machi`s Guest House
25 euros per night (tax included) for a studio for two with bathroom and kitchenette
+30 225 3072 036
+30 69 44102655

29. July 2016Main hospital (emergency entrance)

29. July 2016Maison Hotel

in Chalkidona, midway between Giannitsa, Alexandreia and Diavata camps

6. September 2016Malagari (Karlovasi) port, Samos

7. September 2016Malakasa

Max 1500, 705 as of May 2017 ---------------------------- 98% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 2% other as of January 2017 Run by International Office of Migration (IOM) FB group in Greek: Ομάδα αλληλεγγύης για τους πρόσφυγες της Μαλακάσας Greek Camp Report: (mid-April 2016)

29. July 2016Malemi Organic Hotel

Special rate for volunteers (talk to George): 25 euros in a single (with breakfast), or 40 for a double. Halfboard also an option: 33 euros single, 50 euros double.

29. July 2016Marianthi Paradise

Special rate for volunteers: 12 euros/night/person

29. July 2016Marianthi Toroz rooms & studios
Studios for 1 or 2 persons with heat; special rates for volunteers--call and ask for Evi. Larger rooms have kitchenettes.
+ 30 225 30 71 447
Lovely owner! Very kind.

6. September 2016Marilena Hotel

Special rate for volunteers: 12 euros per person. studio: 2-3 persons, apartment: 2-3-4 persons. Contact Katerina. (Mobile: 6936245055)

8. October 2016Matsa Guesthouse

2-person studios per month 400 euros 5, Psalida Str

6. September 2016Medecins du Monde / Doctors of the World (MDM) (clinic and main office)

12, Sapfous street GR – 10553 Athens Tel: 0030 210 3213150 (central office), 3213485 (clinic) Fax: 0030 210 3213850 E-mail: Contact person: Ms. Retinioti ***medical and psychosocial aid ***Medecins du Monde also operate in PERAMA, CRETE, PATRA, KAVALA, THESSALONIKI Procedure for clinic: Arrive at 7am sharp to get a numbered ticket for kids' doctors and general health appointments (there is a lady doctor). The appointments are for the same day, starting from 9am until closing time at 5pm, in number order. If the day's quota of tickets is finished, there is no point in hanging around. There are different tickets for different things (eye and skin doctors, cardiologists, etc), and these sometimes happen only on specific days. They also give tickets for their pharmacy, if you are entitled to free medication. There is no emergency service, no point trying to jump the queue. They have interpreters helping the doctors. Be prepared to wait, it's extremely busy!

6. September 2016Medecins sans Frontieres /Doctors without Borders (MSF Greece) (main office)

15 Xenias street GR - 115 27 Athens Fax: 0030 210 5200503 E-mail:

6. September 2016Medical Intervention (MedIn) (main office)

99, Michalakopoulou street GR – 115 27 Athens Fax. 0030 210 7778770 E-mail: Contact person: Ms Efthimiatou

29. July 2016Medical Society of Lesvos

Registration for medics. Look for entrance down walkway past Ariston bakery. Sign for "Beauty Center" at entry. 3rd floor. 2251028182. Open till 1pm only!

29. July 2016Meli -- really good pita

Spanakopita, tiropita, etc. And the owner speaks English.

29. July 2016Melina Apartment

6. September 2016Merlie Oktaviou squat

aka 5 Likeio / 5th Likeio / 5o Likeio / 5th Lykeio / 5th School FB: Φιλοξενία Προσφύγων

6. September 2016Metaxades Police and Border Guard Station

update:2013 Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers criminals arrested

4. October 2016Micropolis Social Space

If you have questions concerning your asylum application and live in Thessaloniki, Legal Info Session are provided every Tuesday, from 7 to 9 pm at Mikropolis Social Space library (Vasileos Irakliou 20, 2nd floor, on the left). Our team will answer your questions concerning legal issues with the help of Arabic and Farsi translators. Don't forget to bring any documents relevant to your application. Also offers (paid) Greek classes.

6. September 2016Migrants Social Center, Tsamadou 13a (squat)

Στέκι Μεταναστών Tsamadou 13a and Tsamadou 15, Athens

6. September 2016Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction

aka Devolved Administration General Secretariat Registration for NGOs working in northern Greece. 11, Kathigiti Rossidi Street 54655

6. September 2016Ministry of Macedonia-Thrace

Registration for volunteers and NGOs in Thessaloniki

6. September 2016Ministry of the Aegean

Go here for volunteer registration on Lesvos. Also location for several UNHCR meetings.

29. July 2016Molivos View Studios


29. July 2016Molyvos (aka Mithimna)

Main hub for many of the groups working on the north coast.

29. July 2016Molyvos 2 (II) Hotel

base for Drop in the Ocean

29. July 2016Molyvos SIM card shop

29. July 2016Molyvos Stars restaurant

Restaurant in Molyvos. Discount for volunteers. Giorgos Passas is owner.

7. September 2016Moria Detention Center

Main camp for registration and processing. As of March 20, 2016, a closed camp where people are detained for 25 days after arrival, then get only enter/entrance privileges (they cannot move elsewhere unless deemed vulnerable cases, or sent to Athens for further interviews). 24% Afghan, 11% Syrian, 65% other, as of January 2017. Unaccompanied minors are kept in a separate facility inside. 60% men, 20% each women and children Official capacity ~1500, but consistently overcrowded.

14. January 2017Moria Olive Grove

recreation / support center run by big NGOs As of early February 2017, also being used for housing refugees, approximately 150 people, as an emergency measure.

6. September 2016Mosaik Centre

Corner of Arionos and Sapfous, 9am-8pm Education, creative activities, legal services

29. July 2016Motel Nikos

rec`d by hotel-owner friend (no firsthand knowledge)

12. January 2017Mytilene Municipal Stadium

sometimes used as a temporary shelter

29. July 2016Mytilene Port

Boats to Athens and Kavala, as well as Ayvalik (Turkey). Ayvalik-Mytilini ferries: check schedule here:

29. July 2016Mytilini

6. September 2016NGO Apostoli

“Hestia” 17, Lemesou Str. GR – 173 41 Athens E-mail: Contact person: Ms Vasiliki Giamali ***unaccompanied minors

6. September 2016NGO Nostos

45 Notara & 30 Metsovou Str. GR - 10683 Athens Fax: 0030 210 5221950 E-mail: Contact person: Ms Irini Evangelinou *** housing, social support and job counselling

29. July 2016Nadia Apartments

29. July 2016Nassos Guesthouse

Open for volunteers during winter season, special rate

29. July 2016National Bank of Greece

7. September 2016Nea Kavala (Polykastro)

Max 4200, 502 as of May 2017 --------------------------------------- 98% Syrian (Arabic), 2% Iraqi, as of January 2017 per UNHCR report, but on-site volunteers say as of April 2017, significant Congolese (French-speaking) population 49% children Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016): Managed by army and UNHCR

6. September 2016Nea Vyssa Border Guard Station

update:2012 Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers criminals arrested

6. September 2016Network for Children’s Rights

11b, Alkamenous street GR - 10439 Athens E-mail: Contact person: Viola Gioka *** non-formal education & psychosocial support for children and parents

29. July 2016New Life Rooms

New Life Rooms Hotel/ B&B - 7 rooms25€ single room / 30€ double or triple roomMr.Paris7 Olympou St., Down Town Mytilini+30 2251 023400

6. September 2016New Tongli Trading

cheap underwear!

29. September 2016Nikos and Katerina restaurant

refugee-friendly, cooked food for the Olive Grove at Moria Skala Sikountos

6. September 2016No Border Kitchen (NBK)

informal support center: games, info, food

6. September 2016Notara 26 squat


6. September 2016O Allos Anthropos Social Kitchen

8. October 2016O Fotis Studios and Apartments

30 euros/night in Amfithea, far side of lake from central Ioannina other tel: +30 2651 081410

24. January 2017OIKOPOLIS Thessaloniki - A parallel city ecology and social solidarity

OIKOPOLIS - A parallel city ecology and social solidarity Οικόπολις-Μια παράλληλη πόλη για την οικολογία και την κοινωνική αλληλεγγύη / Ecopolis language courses, legal assistance, social meeting point for interested local greek people, international volunteers and refugees Ptolemeon 29α, Thessaloniki 546 30 +30 231 022 2503

29. July 2016Oasis Hotel

rooms from 25 euros.

29. July 2016Oikonomidis--good socks and underwear

Pittakou 3

7. September 2016Oinofyta Voiotia

Max 600, ~600 as of April 2017 90% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 5% Pakistani (Urdu), 5% other, as of January 2017 40% children Largely self-managed, medical care by Adventist Help, site management by International Organization of Migration (IOM) Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016): FB: Info Point for Oinofyta

7. September 2016Old Sfagei / Port (Rhodes)

on Rhodes / Rhodos As of January 2017, 560 people on Rhodes. 59% Syrian, 39% Iraqi (Arabic and Kurdish), 2% Pakistani UNHCR coordinates: 36.262466, 28.141643 managed by Rhodes municipality and local volunteers

18. April 2017Olympias Hotel

Discounts for volunteers. Ask for Dimitris Lalelis.

6. September 2016Omonia Square

major landmark in Athens. also commonly where people sleep rough at night; informal support networks here. also spelled Plateia Omonias

21. March 2017One Happy Family center (OHF; Swiss Cross)

Community center run by Swiss Cross. Contact Fabian Bracher:

6. September 2016One Stop Street Project

Athinas 55

7. September 2016Oreokastro -- closed as of mid-Feb 2017

Max 1500, empty in mid-Feb 2017 100% Syrian (Arabic) as of January 2017 73% men Managed by Norwegian Refugee Council main camp location. there is a separate camp for unaccompanied minors nearby. Also spelled Oraiokastro, Oreo Castro

6. September 2016Orestiada First Reception Centre

update:2013 Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers

29. July 2016Orfeas Hotel
35 euros (will be 30 euros during the winter season).
55 for 3 persons
60 euros for 4 persons
The breakfast is not included but can be served for few euros.
+30 2251 028523
Refugee-friendly (accpeted refugees in winter 2017)

6. September 2016Oscar Hotel

on Kos

29. July 2016PC Helping (and "Lesvos laundrette")

Shop for laptop and phone repairs and other services. Marianna Douka is the owner, and also makes her washer/dryer available for volunteers who want to do laundry (join the Facebook group Lesvos Laundrette to arrange:

29. July 2016Paliria Hotel

Special rates for volunteers, starting at 35 euros.

29. July 2016Panselinos Hotel

6. September 2016Papagos Police Station

update:2013 Unidentified immigrants

29. July 2016Paperland -- copy shop

29. July 2016Paradisos Studios

Paradisos apartments in Thermis (pronounced Thermi which is:
30 minutes / €25 taxi ride from airport
15 mins / €15 taxi ride from main shopping centre and port in Mytilini.
7 mins / €10 taxi ride from Camp Moria.
Sleeps 2-4 and is €35 a night for 2 (might cost more for the extra people)
Cash only.…/…/paradisos-studios.en-gb.html…
If I volunteer this side of the island again I`ll be staying here for sure.
Local restaurant has excellent free wifi and amazing cheap food. Locals are all brilliantly helpful and speak good-great English.

29. July 2016Park Hotel Owner: Constantin Karakasidis

6. September 2016Parking vouchers shop

Best place to park when shopping south of Omonia. You can by 1 Euro tickets for 1 hour of parking in this shop.

29. July 2016Pegia

6. September 2016Pelineon Rooms

9 Omirou St., 82100, Chios use

20. October 2016Pella Hotel

30 euro a night, usually Ionos Dragoumi 63

29. July 2016Pension Niki

6. September 2016Peristeri Warehouse

Kallimachou 6

29. July 2016Petra (Lesvos)

Boats very rarely arrive here. Volunteer groups stay and eat here. Team Humanity (Danish group) is based here:

7. September 2016Petra Olympou (Pieria) -- closed as of late November 2016

Max 1400, EMPTY as of late Nov 2016, due to snow FORMERLY 95% Iraqi Yazidi / Yezidi (Kurdish-speaking), 77% women and children, as of mid-May army/NGO tents, existing building Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016): FB: Info Point for Petra Volunteers

29. July 2016Petrides

Tents, sleeping bags, rain coats, socks, hats, gloves, children/adults also order online at

29. July 2016Pharmacy Maria Teke

29. July 2016Pharmacy Padeli Patarelli

Well priced. Ask for Jenny--speaks English. Paracetamol, inhalers, antihistamines, bandages, plasters, multi vitamins etc. Ermou 4A

25. September 2016Philoxenia Kitchen -- approx location

Message for exact location.

6. September 2016Pikpa / Village of All Together / Xorio Oli Mazi / Lesvos Solidarity

For vulnerable refugees.

6. September 2016Pikpa LEROS

*approx location*

6. September 2016Piraeus Dream City Hotel

22. January 2017Piraeus Open School for Immigrants

ΑΝΟΙΧΤΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΜΕΤΑΝΑΣΤΩΝ ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑ Since 2005 it offers a large variety of courses to immigrants and refugees in a safe and friendly place that LGBTQ refugees can access and treated with respect. They offer language courses in greek, english, german, french, spanish, arabic, urdu as well as history and culture, photography, theater and computer courses. . Address : 14th Gymnasio, Ag. Anargiron at Ko, Pireas 185 42 Ε-mail:

7. September 2016Piraeus Port

6. September 2016Piraeus Port Hotel

29. July 2016Plakia/Platsa

6. September 2016Plastic dishes, plates etc

Typical prices (with negotiation): Dinner plate: 0.60c (when buying 60) Mugs: 0.55c (when buying 60) Glasses: 0.36c (when buying 60)

6. September 2016Polytekniko squat

National Metsovio Polytechnic on Stournari Street Politekniko

6. September 2016Poros Border Guard Station

update:2012 Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers criminals arrested

6. September 2016Poseidon Hotel (Leros)

FB: Leros Volunteers

29. July 2016Post Office -- postcode 81100

You can receive packages here, addressed to "Your Name, Poste Restante, Mytilene, Lesvos, 81100" 

29. July 2016Post office - Chalkida

open only until 3pm! postcode 34100 you can receive mail here addressed to you, poste restante, Chalkida 34100 Greece.

6. September 2016Praksis (main office)

57, Stournari street GR – 104 32 Athens Tel: 0030 210 5205200,-2,-3,-4 Fax: 0030 210 5205201 E-mail: Contact person: Mr Antypas ***development, social support and medical cooperation projects ***PRAKSIS is also active in PIRAEUS, PATRA, THESSALONIKI, ORESTIADA, IDOMENI (KILKIS), LEROS, KOS, LESVOS, SAMOS, CHIOS

6. September 2016Praksis day center

Day centre. 9:00-21:00 tel. 2105244574. SOS 6951717145 Deligiorgi Street

6. September 2016Praksis doctors' office / polyclinic

Peoniou 5 Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00 General doctor: Mon-Fri, from 9:00. Arrive 09:00 to receive a ticket; there are only 15 tickets given each day. Gynaecologist (a man): Mon-Thurs, arrive at 14:00 for appointment Dentist: Mon-Fri, arrive before 09:00 *Monday* for appointment Also: Neurologist, Pediatrician, Pharmacy (closes at 13:00; must have prescription from doctor)

6. September 2016Praksis minors institution

29. July 2016Praktiker

big-box everything store, open until 9pm (8pm Sat), closed Sun

6. September 2016Praktiker

Home wares, cleaning supplies, building supplies. (Like Home Depot in the US.)

6. September 2016Praktiker

Best location for metro access. By Agia Marina station. home goods, cleaning supplies, building supplies.

6. September 2016Pyli / Linopoti (Kos)

Hotspot on Kos. 94% Pakistani (Urdu), 2% Syrian (Arabic), 4% other, as of January 2017 90% men

29. July 2016Quick Fast & Clean laundry

wash dry and fold for 3€ per kilo. One day service. Same day if you beg! Really nice people. Mon-Sat 09.00 hrs to 14:30 hrs and again at 17.30 hrs. to 22.30 hrs

6. September 2016Rafina

Max 120, 118 as of May 2017. Location for some people removed from Piraeus--women and kids only. ---------------------- 52% Syrian (Arabic and Kurdish), 48% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto) as of January 2017 30% women, 70% children

6. September 2016Rakadiko Stoa Kouvelou

Restaurant in Piraeus. 50% discount for volunteers. Karaoli ke Dimitriou 5

6. September 2016Red Cross Hospital

Korgialeneio - Benakeio Prefecture General Hospital of Athens Erithrou Stavrou 1

29. July 2016Regional Asylum Office

6. September 2016Regional Asylum Office Athens (aka Katehaki)

Leof. Panagioti Kanellopoulou 2, Athina 115 27 Also spelled Katechaki handles relocation

7. September 2016Ritsona ex-military camp (Evia)

Max 1000, 679 as of April 2017 ------------------------ 85% Syrian, 5% Iraqi (Arabic and Kurdish), 10% Afghan, as of January 2017 40% children site management by International Organization of Migration (IOM) Refugees & Volunteers All Together Ritsona is main info page on Facebook. Refugees in Ritsona is an FB page maintained by refugees themselves: Greek Camp Report, mid-April:

29. July 2016Salonica Rent a Car

Grigoriou Lampraki 74, Thessaloniki 546 38, Greece

29. October 2016Salvation Army Day Centre (Victoria Square)

Aristotelous 99 Athens 10434

6. October 2016Sandy Bay Hotel

Tested and recommended spot for volunteer R&R on Lesvos!

29. July 2016Sapphohuis

APPROXIMATE LOCATION. Has heating and cooking facilities. In the shared living room we´ve got a wood stove and a library.
Price per person:
- 100 euro´s per week
- 400 euro´s per month.
If you are planning on staying for a longer period, of course the price is negotiable.
Therapists Niko and Saskia are available to offer a listening ear to the volunteers if needed. It is free of charge.
+30 6971540959

9. February 2017Savvas Karageorgiou

Chain-link fencing. Just north of Kara Tepe.

7. September 2016Schisto

Max 2000, 790 as of May 2017 --------------------------- 95% Afghan, 5% other, as of January 2017 46% men Run by UNHCR FB: Immigrant and Refugee Support Group in Athens Greek Camp Report, mid-April 2016:

6. September 2016Seafront Studios & Apartments / Homely Studios

Mr. Giorgos Mylonadis 31, Mitropoliti Panteleimonos Fostini St. Livadia, 82100, Chios

29. July 2016Secondhand restaurant supply (approx)

Ask around here for Nikos.

29. July 2016Selana Apartments

recommended by a hotel owner on the island (no firsthand knowledge). 40 euros for double, 50 for triple, possible discount for long stays. rooms have kitchen and fridge.

6. September 2016Serres

Max 60, 368 in May 2017 Closed in winter. Reopened spring 2017. ************** Large Yezidi / Yazidi (Kurdish-speaking) population. Also spelled Cerres

6. September 2016Sfagia (Kalymnos)

Kalimnos FB: Immigrant and Refugee Support Groups in Kalymnos

30. September 2016Shelter of Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Temporary shelter for women and single mothers with children Ithakis 97 (Aharnon street near Aghios Panteleimonas)

7. September 2016Sinatex-Kavalari (Thessaloniki)

max 600, actual pop 126 as of May 2017 100% Syrian, Arabic and Kurdish speakers, as of January 2017 50% children Managed by Danish Refugee Council

7. September 2016Sindos - Frakapor -- closed as of March 2017

Empty as of March 2017 -------------------------- formerly; 99% Syrian, 1% Iraqi (Arabic) as of January 2017

29. July 2016Skala Sykamineas transit camp

Bus gathering centre; often called "Stage 2" (after "stage 1", down on the beach). People have to walk up the hill here (about 2km), and then are bused from here to Mantamados. Run by Father Christoforos Schuff, administered by UNHCR and EuroRelief

29. July 2016Skala Sykamineas--Lighthouse Relief camp

Operated by Lighthouse: Volunteers often refer to this area as "Stage 1". ("Stage 2" is up the hill at the shelter.)

7. September 2016Skaramagkas

Max 3200, 3100 as of April 2017 ---------------------- 65% Syrian (Arabic, Kurdish), 25% Iraqi (Arabic, Kurdish), 10% Afghan as of January 2017 40% children Also spelled Skaramagas, Skaramangas, Skaramangkas Facebook group: Skaramangas Volunteers Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

6. September 2016Sklavenitis (ΣΚΛΑΒΕΝΙΤΗΣ)

Exarchia branch of inexpensive grocery store chain. Many locations around Athens and Thessaloniki.

29. July 2016Smart Fishing--waterproof etc

inexpensive raincoats, tents, waterproof boots, gloves, scarves, caps. Open from 9:00 until 14:30.

6. September 2016Social Pharmacy

Iktinou 2 Opens Monday(15:00-17:00), Tuesday(15:00-17:00) and Friday(14:30-15:30)

6. September 2016Society for the Care of Minors

48, Isavron street GR -114 73 Athens E-mail:, Contact person: Mr Fotis Parthenides

30. September 2016Solidarity Centre (SolidarityNow)

Legal aid, medical services, psychological support and counseling. Strong LGBTQ support. Operating hours: 09:00 to 17:00 (Monday to Friday) Domokou St. & Filadelfeias Av., 2nd floor (opposite Larissa Station) Legal aid service:

6. September 2016Sorokos -- backpacks

Camping supplies and inexpensive backpacks. Kountouriotis 83, +30 22510 46200.,

6. September 2016Souda camp (Chios)

46% Syrian, 12% Iraqi (Arabic and Kurdish), 42% other, per UNHCR January 2017; 54% men managed by Chios municipality Main FB group: Chios Eastern Shore Response Team: Also see Chios Refugees: Volunteers Collaboration:

6. September 2016Soufli Police and Border Guard Station

update:2013Region:Greece Oriental | Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers criminals arrested | Only adequate bathrooms and showers | locationexact | State:Open

7. September 2016Sounio (Agrotiki Ministry camp) aka Lavrio

Max 400, 289 as of April 2017 53% Syrian (Arabic), 23% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 24% other, as of late April 2016 children's summer camp of Agrotiki bank. **NOTE: UNHCR calls this site Lavrio (in addition to the in-town Lavrio site) Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

6. September 2016Sourmeli squat

Also called Acharnon (for other cross street), or just "school squat" 2o filoxenio prosfigon (Sourmeli 1,3)

6. September 2016Sparta Team Hotel In the center. 12€ € per person. WiFi. Menandrou 21, Athina 105 52, Grecia

13. October 2016Spirou Trikoupi 17 squat

Opened in September 2016. Families only.

7. September 2016Spirou Trikoupi 57 squat / Hotel Oniro

Κατάληψη Στέγης Προσφύγων Spirou Trikoupi 57 Opened late June 2016. Mostly Syrian families (Arabic), some Afghans (Farsi / Dari / Pashto); approximately 145 people. Ask for Ayman Abo Emad.

29. July 2016Stop & Win

general cheap stuff

29. July 2016Stop to Shop

Gloves, socks, backpacks, bags with rope straps

29. July 2016Studio rental (approx location)

Parking available.
Small charming studio, in traditional stone house with large garden, for exclusive use.
Ideally located, overlooking Eftalou road to the North Coast
• 5 minutes to the beach
• 5min to the castle
• 5 minutes to the city center
• parking
• 50m to mini market
Private and quiet, garden, mountain and castle views, double or single occupancy, bathroom, fridge, coffee and tea making facilities, central heating, free internet access, use of washing machine small surcharge.
Special Volunteers price 100Euro per week., per person.
Booking mail to:

29. July 2016Studios Cosmopolitan

rooms to rent--convenient to Moria camp.

6. September 2016Sun Rooms


6. September 2016Sun Village

Mr. Panayotis Tsouris Megas Limniónas

29. July 2016Sunset of Petra restaurant

10% discount for volunteers. 

29. July 2016Super Market Alpha Beta Vasilopoulos

29. July 2016Super Market Lidl -- CLOSED for renovation

7. September 2016Symi Police Station (Kos)

29. July 2016Syrian Solidarity House

Arabic classes for volunteers. Email with your name, trip dates, group you're working with and schedule availability.

6. September 2016Tempi Hotel Discounts for volunteers. As low as 30 euros/night

6. September 2016Themistokleous 58 squat

6. September 2016Thermi Border Guard Station

update:2013 Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers criminals arrested

7. September 2016Thermopiles / Thermopylae ex-spa hotel (Phthiotis )

500 max, 440 as of April 2017 97% Syrian, 3% Iraqi (Arabic) as of January 2017 55% children site managed by UNHCR and prefecture government Also spelled Fthiotida and Thermopyle. Greek Camp Report (mid April 2016):

8. December 2016Thess CheckPoint (HIV testing)

Offers free and anonymous HIV, HBV HCV testing. LGBTQ-friendly. Address: Al. Svolou 15, Thessaloniki

17. October 2016Thessaloniki (main city pin)

This pin is here to make the database work. :) All work in northern Greece without a specific location will be associated with this map pin.

7. September 2016Thessaloniki (port)

closed as a camp. empty of refugees since spring 2016 (site profile from March, no longer relevant:

29. July 2016Thessaloniki Airport

code SKG. buses run to center of city.

29. July 2016Thessaloniki Rent a Car

Monastiriou 28, Thessalloniki 546 30, Greece +30 231 052 7888

6. September 2016Thessaloniki Train Station

Sidirodromikos Stathmos Thessalonikis

23. March 2017Thiva (Thebes)

New camp as of March 2017. On standby to receive residents from Elliniko. Managed by IOM. Languages: Farsi, Dari

6. September 2016Tilos Military Camp

empty as of January 2017 (formerly all Syrian)

29. July 2016To Kyma

Skala Sykamineas

6. September 2016Tool shop

Professional tools. It is below the supermarket.

29. July 2016Town Hall

22. January 2017Transgender Association (ΣΥΔ)

ΣΥΔ (Transgender Association): it provides legal support and asylum case work to LGBTQ refugees. A lawyer from ΣΥΔ can be present during the asylum interview. Address: Syggrou 29, 1st floor, Athens, 117 43 Email:

6. September 2016Trikala-Atlantik

Max 360, 173 as of May 2017 95% Syrian, 3% Iraqi (Arabic and Kurdish), 2% other, as of January 2017 site managed by UNHCR

29. July 2016Tsamakia Beach

Beach and park area close to the ferry.

7. September 2016Tsepelovo (Ioannina) -- closed as of mid-December 2016

empty as of mid-December -- residents moved to hotels Max 200 100% Syrian (Arabic) as of mid-April Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

29. July 2016Tsonias beach

three separate roads lead down to two ends of the beach and the harbour. You cannot drive along the beach because you will get stuck in the sand. So you need to know whether you`re going to Tsonias beach or Tsonias harbour. Usually most refugees land at the harbour, second most frequent the middlle of the beach here, rarely up the far (south) end of the beach. 

29. July 2016Tsonias harbour

A good safe place to land, it is a harbour and has good road access. 

6. September 2016Tychero Police and Border Guard Station

update:2013 Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers criminals arrested | inadequate

29. July 2016Tzimis Marinatos -- restaurant supply

big pots, cooking burners etc

6. September 2016UNHCR Athens office

Tagiapiera 12

14. May 2017University of the Aegean

28. February 2017Urban rooms

0030 694633679530 Evripidou, 3rd Floor, Athens, 10551, Greece Single rooms with shared showers. Very good owner. About 25 Euro

7. September 2016Vagiochori (Thessaloniki) -- closed as of January 2017

Official max 631, empty as of Jan 2017 (Formerly) Languages/nationalities: 85% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 15% Syrian (Arabic), as of May 31, 2016 Also spelled Vagiohori, Vaiochori

29. July 2016Vassilis Studios

Stayed here for 7 nights. Bit far from activity, but cheap, clean and very friendly

6. September 2016Vathi Detention Center (Samos)

also spelled Vathy 33% Syrian (Arabic and Kurdish), 16% Afghan (Farsi, Dari, Pashto), 51% other, as of January 2017 58% men

29. July 2016Veg warehouse--plastic boxes

Sells sturdy plastic boxes for warehouse organization.

7. September 2016Veroia (Armatolos Camp. Kokkinou Imatheas)

Max 400, 203 as of May 2017 96% Syrian (Arabic), 4% Iraqi as of January 2017 51% children Also spelled Veria. Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

6. September 2016Vial detention center (approx) (Chios)

41% Afghan (Farsi / Dari / Pashto), 37% Syrian (Kurdish and Arabic), 22% other, as of January 2017 Main FB group for Chios work: Chios Eastern Shore Response Team Also see Chios Refugees: Volunteers Collaboration:

6. September 2016Victoria Square

Formerly an informal campsite. Refugees gathered here to get food and support. Generally cleared since 2016. FB group:

29. July 2016Villa Nufaro Also on Airbnb

29. July 2016Villas Elpiniki

29. July 2016Vodafone -- SIM cards

29. July 2016Vodafone etc SIM cards "Golden Triangle"

Three shops selling SIM cards at this intersection: Vodafone, Germanos and a nameless Nokia shop. Hours for Vodafone: mon-sat 8.30 - 14.00 plus on tues, thurs and Friday they`re also open 17.30-20.30. Like most places they`re closed on a Sunday. shop number is +30 22510 27224. PLEASE don`t skip getting a Greek SIM--it costs everyone money to text or call non-Greek numbers. Vodafone`s 10-euro card includes data.

7. September 2016Volos (Magnesias)

max pop 200, 100 as of May 2017 -------- 100% Syrian (Arabic) (as of April 2016), 80% women and children Greek Camp Report (mid-April 2016):

29. July 2016Votsala Hotel

25 euro/day, 150 euro/week. Spiro is owner. Here are our Rates in Euro (special winter rates only for volunteers). Single per month 600 per week 150 additional days 25/day Double per month 700 per week 180 additional day 30 The minimum rental period is one week. We calculate rates per week plus additional days/day Has been very refugee-friendly -- connects guests with refugees for cooking classes and football matches.

29. July 2016Web Copy Lab

+30 22510 37910, Ermou 193, Kostas Vrohanas

6. September 2016Western Union

Menandrou 44, Athina 104 31, Greece

29. July 2016Western Union (in Mytonis travel agency)

You can receive up to 6000 euros per day. Mon-Sat 9am-8pm

6. September 2016Western Union Pireaus

6. September 2016Western Union ΚΑΤΑΣΤΗΜΑ

Leof. El. Venizelou 68, Kallithea 176 76

6. September 2016Wholesale fruit and vegetables

Central wholesale produce market. Take the 420 bus.

29. September 2016Wild Cat community space

Kosti Palama 12 occasionally has "free supermarket" days and other resources for refugees

7. August 2016Xanthi Police Station

update:2013 Unidentified immigrants Asylum seekers criminals arrested

6. September 2016Xanthi Pre-removal Detention Centre

closed detention facility for people being deported. 150 people.

29. July 2016Yeni Limani / Limani Kapis

29. September 2016Zeus Hostel

Sofokleous 27 Discounts for volunteers

6. September 2016food storage containers

6. September 2016fruit and vegetable shops

Typical prices: 0.59c / KG Aubergine (Eggplant)