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27. September 2017
Tags: education | Greece: Central (Athens area) | work with kids | language | arts / sports / music | short-term | long-term | ASAP | ongoing

Hestia Hellas is looking for energetic and caring volunteers to work with us in our Child Friendly Space (CFS). We run psychosocial activities for children, it is a space where children can come and are encouraged to engage in activities that focus around providing a space for them to express themselves.

Our CFS runs two programs, the CUBS which is for ages 2 to 7 in the mornings (10:00-13:00) and our TIRGERS for ages 7 to 12 in the afternoon (14:00-17:00). Our volunteers for the CUBS program will work closely with our CFS Coordinator to run the different activities that the CFS Coordinator has prepared for that day. Our volunteers for the TIGERS program will assist our CFS Coordinator in homework support and exciting activities for that age group.

We are looking for volunteers who are energized by laugher and play. If you have a passion for supporting children in their development and growth or have a creative spirit to bring to life a diverse range of activities, games, and crafts to help children learn and develop. Our CFS is where you were made to volunteer!

 Visit our website to learn more about volunteering in the CFS or email us at HR@HestiaHellas.org !

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