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29. September 2017
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  • The Schoolbox Project is a 501c3 organization that provides mobile, trauma informed education, art and play to children in refugee camps throughout Greece. Our volunteers come from around the world to go through our specialized training on how to work with children who have been through trauma and are now living in a camp environment. As a committed member of on the ground, anti-trafficking and protection team efforts, we train our volunteers to be watchdogs for vulnerable children and unaccompanied minors that may otherwise slip through the cracks. The Schoolbox Project operates out of converted shipping containers that can be solar powered and can be set up or relocated in just one day.

    Each Schoolbox is:

    * An art and play program- rotating crafts and art projects for children who have little opportunity for creativity and emotional expression during an extended time of trauma. Quieting, reflective and nature-inspired activities are emphasized.

    * A schoolhouse- the space allows for organization and structure of instruction based on division of age and languages spoken. Volunteer teachers provide language and other lessons such as Maths, arts n crafts and music, always through a lens of gentle, trauma informed care.


*We currently located in Andravida at LM village, which is on the West coast about 4/5 hours from Athens. 


  • We are looking for volunteers who have experience working with children - this is essential, and  ideally with a background either in psychology or education. However, we train every volunteer in the basics re providing trauma-informed care. Volunteers must agree with our ethics, which includes a strict no-photo policy, and commit to abiding to the key principles of trauma-informed care naimly: safety, trust, collabortation, empowerment and choice.
  • To enable us to provide consistent quality of care to the children we serve we ask for a minimum commitment of 4 weeks from our volunteers. We understand that this cannot always be possible, so in certain circumstances we are able to accept volunteers for a shorter period of time.

For further information please check out our website and facebook page, and if you think we sound like a good fit then drop us an email on: volunteer@schoolboxproject.org !!

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