Kara Tepe

7. September 2016
Tags: camps/aid points: official | Islands: Lesvos | Mytilene / Moria area

Camp for identified "vulnerable" cases, run by the Lesvos municipality.

Mix of nationalities, from all people arrived after March 20, 2016.

Camp director: Stavros,26.543977&hl=es;z=14&output=embed

active organisations:

6. September 2016Boat Refugee Foundation / Stichting Bootvluchteling (BRF)

medical and psychosocial care

Moria Detention Center | Kara Tepe | Malakasa | Vathi (Samos) |

28. June 2016Because We Carry

kids' programs in Kara Tepe

Kara Tepe |

6. September 2016Humanitarian Support Agency (HSA)

support staff at Kara Tepe (Lesvos) and Agios Andreas

Kara Tepe | Agios Andreas -- closed as of Dec 22 2016 |

6. September 2016Art Angels Relief Team

Art, Sewing, Music Refugee Community. Creating Healing Learning Empowering Spaces. Sharing knowledge, skills through Artistic expressions. Connecting

Kara Tepe |

6. September 2016Movement on the Ground

infrastructure development, with an environmental approach

Kara Tepe | Skaramagkas |

6. September 2016Praksis

Greek NGO focused on medical and humanitarian intervention

Mantamados transit camp -- "in hibernation" | Kara Tepe | Vial detention center (approx) (Chios) | Vathi (Samos) | Lepida (Leros) | Orestiada First Reception Centre | Praksis (main office) | Linopoti (Kos) |

6. September 2016Office of Displaced Designers (ODD)

skills sharing and the co-production of knowledge for designers who have been forcibly displaced

Kara Tepe |

12. October 2016LATRA

industrial design

Kara Tepe |

29. October 2016Mercy Corps

international NGO providing support, information and a cash aid program

Moria Detention Center | Kara Tepe | Pikpa / Village of All Together / Xorio Oli Mazi / Lesvos Solidarity |

6. September 2016Samaritan's Purse

nondenominational evangelical organization providing support on Lesvos, Chios and the mainland

Skala Sykamineas transit camp | Moria Detention Center | Kara Tepe | Vial detention center (approx) (Chios) |

6. September 2016Women and Health Alliance (WAHA)

Skala Sykamineas transit camp | Kara Tepe | Vial detention center (approx) (Chios) |

14. January 2017Refugee Support Platform / Plataforma de Apoio aos Refugiados (PAR)

Portuguese organization

Kara Tepe | Athens (main city pin) |

29. October 2016International Rescue Committee (IRC)

international NGO

Moria Detention Center | Kara Tepe | Pikpa / Village of All Together / Xorio Oli Mazi / Lesvos Solidarity | Schisto | Moria Olive Grove |

22. March 2017IsraAid

Kara Tepe |

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