Open Cultural Center

The Open Cultural Center (OCC) formerly known as the Idomeni Cultural Center is a voluntary organization that creates learning and cultural programmes for refugees living in camps in Greece.
27. June 2017
Places of activity:
Tags: Spain | education | Greece: North and East

The OCC was formed in early April 2016 through the collective initiative of independent volunteers in the Idomeni refugee camp. Refugee and international volunteers worked together to deliver classes and create a safe space for both children and adults to continue learning in the camp. The ICC also hosted cultural events and activities including art and music classes, open mic sessions, performances and cinema nights. In Idomeni, the cultural centre quickly became an important resource in the camp with more than 150 children and 80 adults attending classes and evening activities. With the closure of the Idomeni camp on 24 May, 2016, the OCC has followed refugees into formal camps in Cherso and Sounio, bringing its experience and resources to continue a programme of refugee-led classes, workshops and cultural activities. The OCC currently provides non-formal education in Cherso camp and Sounio, and is expanding classroom facilities to reach more children in both camps. The OCC formally registered as a non profit association in June 2016 under the name Open Cultural Center.

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