I Am You

Protects human rights and makes the lives of displaced men, women and children better
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I AM YOU is an international organization operating in refugee camps in Greece. Our mission is to protect human rights and make the lives of displaced men, women and children better. We envision a world where all people fleeing war, conflict and disaster are treated with dignity, compassion and respect. We strive to create change through humanitarian programs focusing on education, youth activities and expressive arts. We also provide camp management services and conduct global advocacy work to raise awareness. Previously on Lesvos and in Ritsona. Based in Sweden. Two-week minimum. Apply at: http://iamyou.se/volunteers/">http://iamyou.se/volunteers/

(accepts volunteers under 21)

link: http://www.iamyou.se/mission/
FB page: https://www.facebook.com/iamyourescue/
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