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14. February 2016Working with children in Greece (official recommendations)

Assembled by the Child Protection Sub-Working Group (CPSWG): NGOs, UN agencies and other partners on Lesvos.

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10. February 2016Unicef ethical photography guidelines

Short answer: respect.

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10. February 2016Life Vest Upcycling

Collected wisdom and ideas

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10. February 2016Basic principles of crowd management


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10. February 2016UNHCR Lesvos newsletter

Sign up to receive email bulletins about various topics. (Anyone can sign up--don't be put off by the questions about what organization you're with.)

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25. March 2016Best distribution practices

How to safely and effectively distribute food, clothes, etc. Developed for Idomeni but applies anywhere.

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10. February 201610 Tips for Individuals Volunteering in a Refugee Camp

Blog post by Gillian Seely

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19. February 2016Boat landing protocol

Developed by Stichting Bootvluchteling and UNHCR -- the best procedure for calm and safety.

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13. February 2016General work principles

Best practices. Every volunteer should read these. Links to the main Lesvos info doc.

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11. June 2016information for Athens (Google folder)

Compiled documents for Athens volunteers. Please read first if you are headed to Athens.

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11. June 2016Conflict De-escalation

How to calm down a volatile situation, how to soothe angry people.

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16. June 2016Info Guide for Volunteers in Katsika Ioannina

This main document provides all the basic info for volunteering at Katsika.

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20. June 2016NGO registration

To register your organization in Greece, go to this website and select "Sign up for organizations."  Questions? Email

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22. June 2016Tips for Buying Aid for Refugees in Athens

collected by Anastasia Shepherd For a list of all shopping pins in Athens (dynamic, on this site), see, then click 'show results on map' to create a Google Map.

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28. June 2016Packing list

In the Lesvos volunteer doc, a detailed packing list (some items are just for winter).

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6. August 2016Providing Housing for Refugees -- guidelines

Collected wisdom from the Immigrant and Refugee Support Group in Athens on Facebook.

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19. October 2016Safeguarding children / how to get a criminal background check

Compiled by Sumita Shah. Instructions for (highly recommended) procedure of getting official clearance to work with children.

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31. October 2016Teaching resources (courtesy No Border School)

Google Drive of materials for teaching English and German materials, courtesy of No Border School. Includes Farsi-English and Arabic-English materials.

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11. December 2016Boat Report - Lesvos

FB page where Lesvos boat arrivals are posted. (May not be totally complete.)

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19. January 2017Thessaloniki - Polikastro or nearby Camps

If you need regular transportation from Thessaloniki city center/ to nearby camps, safe and quick by car, just drop me line. - Can host 1-3 people for car. Only for fuel cost :)

whatsupp/viber: +306937981241 (upon request and availability)

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14. March 2017Refugee Center Online: Free course for volunteering with refugees

5-unit, 2-hour free online course that covers basic communication skills, legal details, etc. (Not yet tested; posting link for info purposes only.)

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15. March 2017Sphere Handbook

The official guidelines used by big NGOs -- it specifies things like how many toilets per number of people, etc. Independent volunteers don't need to know all of this, but it can help you with general jargon and standards. 

There's also an online course that walks you through the handbook:

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