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15. February 2016Greek - Arabic - English phrase list for refugees

Key phrases to help Arabic speakers to communicate with Greeks.

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10. February 2016Refugee Phrasebook

Giant compilation of phrases in many languages. In a Google Sheet; better used on a laptop than a phone.

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15. February 2016Communication icons

Sheet of common icons for nonverbal communication -- just point! (Different version, simpler, in color:

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15. February 2016German - Arabic - Dari/Farsi phrase list

With Greek at the bottom.

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15. February 2016English - Arabic - Dari/Farsi phrase list

With a bit of Greek at the bottom!

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10. February 2016Communications Google Drive

Public folder for all signs, phrase lists and other tools for communicating with refugees. (Most developed on the island of Lesvos, so some are very location-specific.)

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11. June 2016Rapid Response Refugee Translators

Facebook group with a pool of translators available to help with projects in many languages.

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6. October 2016Vento.TV

Translators on call via video.

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8. November 2016WhatsApp groups -- master list

See this post on FB for instructions on how to join various WhatsApp groups (including translation ones)

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16. May 2017Working with Kurdish Sorani Speaking Patients -- Medical (and more) Phrasebook

Good basic Sorani (the Kurdish dialect written in Arabic script, more common among Iraqi Kurds). Medical terms, but also more general words too.

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