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26. January 2016Greece camps map

For easiest searching and orientation. All the spots on it are also under 'Places' on this site.

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23. February 2016Volunteer registration for mainland Greece

Some camps require this; others don't. Confirm with the group you will be working with.

On the website, select “Sign up for individual volunteers.” Fill out the online form. Questions? Email

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2. June 2016Refugee Crisis Reality Check

Good overview of what to expect as a volunteer -- mental prep, rather than logistical. Compiled by Campfire Innovation.

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11. June 2016information for Athens (Google folder)

Compiled documents for Athens volunteers. Please read first if you are headed to Athens.

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16. June 2016Immigrant and Refugee Support Group in Athens

Facebook group for coordination.

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22. June 2016Tips for Buying Aid for Refugees in Athens

collected by Anastasia Shepherd For a list of all shopping pins in Athens (dynamic, on this site), see, then click 'show results on map' to create a Google Map.

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7. August 2016Athens map for volunteers

Dynamic list of all Athens pins from this site. Click 'show results on map' to see a Google Map.

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22. October 2016Athens volunteers accommodations and ride sharing

Facebook group for coordinating hotel and room shares and transport.

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1. December 2016 LGBTQ support orgs

Link to Facebook post listing major organizations and help centers in Athens. Many are also listed in the Places directory on this site (search 'LGBT').

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7. January 2017Athens Volunteers Information and Co-ordination Group

New information and Co-ordination Group for Athens assisting: 1) volunteers on the ground with guidance, hints and tips on volunteering in Athens 2) new and existing volunteers with information on where to volunteer in Athens and surrounding areas 3) with distribution to squats, camps and shelters from Ellinikon Warehouse and other major suppliers/donors in Athens. 4) providing information, help and support to individuals and organisations to connect vulnerable refugees with housing and other urgent and immediate needs (such as access to shelters, food, clothing, medical, psychological, lgbtq support)

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