Warehouse Coordinator Nea Kavala

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23. November 2017
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Volunteer Warehouse Coordinator needed as soon as possible

A Drop in the Ocean, Northern Greece


We are currently seeking Warehouse Coordinator to our operation in the refugee camp, Nea Kavala situated in Northern Greece.

The Warehouse Coordinator is responsible for managing A Drop in the Ocean´s warehouse, distribution and logistics at the destination.


Among the tasks are

·      Maintenance of warehouse

·      Sourcing of necessary equipment

·      Distribution duties

·      Training and follow up of volunteers to warehouse and distribution duties

·      Activity on Social Media regarding our contribution at the destination

·      Receive donations to the organization’s distribution projects


For being a Warehouse Coordinator, background and experience from logistics is an advantage. In addition, solid experience from project management and team leading is important, as well as good communication skills. Experience from humanitarian work, primarily from areas in crisis is valuable. A coordinator is service minded and have good abilities in general computer knowledge. All coordinators are fluent in English.

Our coordinators are the official representatives for A Drop in the Ocean at the destinations and cooperate with other NGOs, UNHCR and local authorities.

All coordinators with A Drop in the Ocean are travelling on their own responsibility, and must be able to contribute for at least 8 weeks. As for all volunteers with A Drop in the Ocean, one has to be above the age of 25 to be considered as a coordinator. A valid driver’s license is necessary.

If you are interested and available to volunteer from the beginning of December, we would like to receive your application including your CV as soon as possible marked “Warehouse Coordinator North” to birgit@drapenihavet.no. Please remember to tell us when you are available, and for how long you are interested in volunteering in Greece.

For further information: www.drapenihavet.no

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