Volunteers needed--see description--3 weeks or more

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30. March 2017
Tags: general support | medical / health care | Greece: Central (Athens area) | tech / IT | construction | cooking / food | arts / sports / music | work with kids | language | legal / info | long-term | ongoing

Zaatar is in need of volunteers who can commit three weeks or more (from May onwards) to assist at the Orange House, a shelter in Athens for refugees who are unaccompanied minors or single women/mothers with children. There are general volunteer positions available but also a need for people with an interest and experience related to renovations/building maintenance, tech support, fundraising, teaching classes (language, art, music), etc. Ability to speak Arabic or Farsi is an added bonus (not required). Volunteers need to be financially self-sufficient. We have a shared apartment for volunteers at a nominal cost, with preference given to longer term volunteers. Please contact Barbara if you are interested in further information on volunteering with Zaatar.

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