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18. November 2017
Tags: general support | Greece: North and East | drivers license | admin / coordination | long-term

We are looking for a long-term coordinator of the Bê Sînor Cultural Center.

The Bê Sînor Cultural Center is an independent project that focuses on supporting refugees through education and other communal activities. Appart from this we provide several supplies - from food to shampoos or bread machines, we try to give the people what they need and what is not provided by any of the big NGOs. The project is based on a piece of land in front of the Sinatex refugee camp in Northern Greece, 20 minutes outside of Thessaloniki.

Your tasks will be:

- coordinate all ongoing activities in the camp

- communicate with the people in the camp and assess their needs

- liase with different actors to coordinate the support and allocate needed items

- volunteer coordination

- set up and adapt the schedule of the cultural center, initiate new activities and keep others going

- social media, fundraising and other administrative work


Your profile:

We look for somebody who is willing to dedicate a minimum of four months to this work. Since we want to establish this project on a long-term basis, we need people who have time, flexibility and motivation to gain the necessary experience to deal with this sensitive situation.

If you have previous experience in a similar working environment this is a plus, but not a necessary prerequisite. You need to have a drivers licence, since it is only possible to get to the camp by car. If you have an own car or are willing to rent one, that is even better.

If you are sure, that you can stay for a minimum of four months, it might be possible to arrange accommodation. If you need financial support for your time here, there is a possibility to arrange this as well (based on your actual needs).

If you are interested, contact us on besinor@protonmail.com

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