Volunteers to help with activities for children and teenagers

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13. October 2017
Tags: education | general support | Greece: North and East | language | arts / sports / music | work with kids | long-term | ASAP | ongoing

Lifting Hands International are looking for volunteers to help with our programs, which we run 5 days a week for the residents of a camp in Serres, a small town about 1 hour away from Thessaloniki.
We provide educational and recreational classes to refugees of all ages, and distribute aid to the camp. The Serres camp has a population of approximately 300 residents, all of which are Yazidi refugees. 

We need help ASAP with kids activities, in particular hosting creative, education, and fun activities for kids (ages 4 -12) while their parents attend language lessons. 
We are also looking for volunteers to help with dance lessons and football/soccer and volleyball coaching. 

We ask for a minimum time commitment of 30 days, and can offer housing at our volunteer apartment in the centre of Serres for 5 euros per night. 
For more information on the project please visit liftinghandsinternational.org, or email me for more info!

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