Volunteers needed - committing to a minimum of 2 weeks but longer is perfect.

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10. October 2017
Tags: logistics / warehouses | general support | Greece: North and East | work with kids | tech / IT | arts / sports / music | ASAP

We require volunteers to work with us on Camp Veria from right now. You will not regret the experience. All we ask is that you are willing to be a team member - you are strong and fit and have a healthy sense of humour. Your day will be varied - no 2 are ever the same  but we provide clothing and shoes with the additon of dry food stuffs to the residents on our camp. We have a mix of families and individuals who all benefit greatly from the interaction of International  volunteers.  We are deemed a vulnerable Camp and therefore have some people  who are slightly more needy than others - that is where we can make a big difference - by being there to care and see what we can do to ehance their experience of being somewhere they are put and do not necessarily WANT to be. You will need to self fund all your expenses but we do have a volunteer flat that is cheaper to stay in than local hotels.

Please apply  through our website - www.bridge2.gg

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