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1. February 2018
Tags: education | general support | Greece: North and East | work with kids | language | admin / coordination | arts / sports / music | short-term | long-term | ongoing

We are urgently looking for one or two volunteers for the next two weeks!

You’ve got some time? At least 2 weeks, better 4 weeks or even more?
Us, a group of friends from Germany, pitched a circus tent near-by a refugee camp in the greek town drama. There we create a platform for the people to connect, organize and escape the dull, isolated camp life. We want to create an open space where ideas, problems and suggestions of each individual are heard. In this open space everyone is invited to take part in the creating process.       
We want to put a special focus on doing all this without patronizing the people by setting the agenda of activities we think important.   
Apart from all these points we want to work against the isolation which comes with the life in the camp 7km away from town. To do this we try to find opportunities to connect the refugees and the inhabitants of Drama.

So if you can imagine yourself taking part in this creating process for two or more weeks, we would be happy about a message.       
More Information about the projekt and your every-day life as an volunteer can be found on our website: creatingopenspace.wordpress.com

Hope to see you soon!

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