Child Friendly Space Volunteer

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19. October 2017
Tags: education | Greece: Central (Athens area) | arts / sports / music | work with kids | language | ongoing | long-term | ASAP

If you are energized by laughter and play, or are passionate about supporting child development and growth – our Child Friendly Space (CFS) is the place for you! The CFS is a protected safe space for children ages 2-12 to engage in structured and unstructured play with sensitive and informed volunteers and workers.


As a CFS volunteer you will work closely with the CFS Coordinator who will design various activities to implement with the children in the CFS. You will assist in creating, implementing, and providing feedback on said activities, which include arts and crafts, music, cognitive development activities, and more. If appropriate, you will assist the children in the activity, but ultimately we promote an environment of exploration and creativity. At Hestia Hellas, the process of learning is more important than the outcome or result.


Please visit our volunteer webpage to learn more about volunteering with us!

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