We are about to take over providing children's activities in Veria Camp, and ideally we are looking for someone with experience who will coordinate this important job

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15. September 2017
Tags: education | Greece: North and East | work with kids | admin / coordination | arts / sports / music | long-term | ASAP | ongoing

Your primary role will be working with children from 1 - 6 years old - creative activites in the Kids Zone - both physical and practical,  however there will be a requirement to be part of the Bridge2 team taking on other activites in their project on Camp Veria too.

We are looking for someone with an amazing energy/sense of fun/who can control a lively bunch of children - Arabic speaker  would be very helpful but not essential, and someone who can stay at least 2 months and more if possible  to run this.

You will have lots of support from the charity founder in setting up and planning etc but it will be a project that needs to run alongside what else currently happens as well.  You will need to have proven experience working with Refugee children in a similar setting.

This is a voluntary position, and you will need to completely self fund all of your expenses in the same way all volunteers do.

Start date:-  from the 19th September 2017.

See Facebook page:-  Bridge2Refugees and website:-  www.bridge2.gg  for more information about what we do.

If you think you can fill these important boots ....please send your application and CV to sarahgriffith@hotmail.com

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