Volunteer Teachers needed for educating refugee children in Chios, Greece

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27. August 2017
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Be Aware and Share: Volunteer teachers needed for Refugee Education Chios for August - October on Chios Island, Greece!

Refugee Education Chios is the largest voluntary run education service for refugee children and youth stuck on Chios Island, Greece. At the most basic level, we fulfil a fundamental right of children - to access education. In Chios, children are continually denied access to the formal education system run by the Greek Government and there are no immediate plans to integrate the children arriving into Europe into the local education system.

 For over one year, we have provided of a safe space where young people can learn, develop and grow, where their innocence is restored and they can understand what it is to feel like a child or teenager again. Through developing a holistic education system that includes a primary school, high school, youth centre and cooking school, we have ensured that every person from the refugee community on Chios Island aged between 6-22 years old has access to at least three days of education and youth activities at one of our institutions.

 The situation on Chios Island is as awful and critical as ever. There is still no plan to integrate the children into the public school system, and the conditions in the camps remain below any humane standards. We have seen just how successful our programme is and want to continue it until the Government establishes a formal procedure for educating the children and youth here.

 We currently have over 250 children aged between 6 and 22 years old attending our school every week and 100 youth aged between 12 and 22 years old attending our youth centre.

Our team is made up of a teachers, musicians, artists, nurses and social workers etc. We promote diversity within our volunteer group, and so do not necessarily look for individuals with a traditional teaching background. Our curriculum consists of English, Maths, Art, Music, Drama and other exciting subjects.

 We are looking for volunteers to join us for a minimum of 2 months. You must have had experience teaching before. Preference will be shown to those who hold TEFL qualifications or teaching qualifications.

Accommodation and mobility on the Island is provided for by the organisation.

 So if you have the passion and enthusiasm to join us on our journey then please email your CV and brief note to nicholas@baas-schweiz.ch

Read more about us in the articles below:

Check out our Facebook page and website:

·         https://www.facebook.com/refugeeeducationchios/

·         http://www.baas-schweiz.ch/

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