NEEDED: Caseworkers; Social Media/Advocacy/Fundraising experts

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28. August 2017
Tags: Greece: North and East | legal / info | long-term | ASAP

The Mobile Info Team is a group of independent volunteers providing information to refugees and helping families and individual asylum seekers with their asylum procedures. We research the latest developments relevant to the refugee population in Greece, post frequently on our Facebook page and answer questions over the phone and online. Besides that we help families and individuals with their asylum procedures, family reunification and relocation processes.


What we need: 3 new volunteers that can start late August or during the month of September.

Due to the complexity of our work, we only take volunteers that can commit for a minimum of 3 months . We understand that this is a long time, so we offer food and accommodation to make sure your volunteering will not get too costly.

We are looking for people that can help us with the following tasks:

Case work: Helping refugees with their asylum procedures, closely monitoring their progress, giving advise and explanations where needed, contacting the relevant authorities when necessary. For this kind of work, some experience with legal procedures is an advantage, but not compulsory. We provide translators, training and a buddy system to make sure your work is up to our standards.

Researching and communicating: Doing daily research on the latest developments concerning refugees in Greece, writing posts for our Facebook page, answering questions on our phone line and staying in contact with different organisations providing information for refugees in Greece.

Social media managing: Coordinating our output on social media to refugees, other stakeholders in the field, people interested in our organisation and possible donors. Making sure the social media output is homogeneous, accurate and up to date.

Advocacy work: Advocating for the rights and dignity of refugees at relevant national and international levels. Keeping in contact with advocacy partners and providing them with information regarding our common campaigns. Keeping track of all relevant developments in the field and making sure the voices of refugees are heard throughout Europe.

Fundraising: Applying for grants, doing crowdfunding campaigns, staying in contact with existing donors, writing newsletters and developing a long-term fundraising strategy.

What we offer:

Rewarding work in a fun team of 12 international volunteers, food, accommodation, training and payment of your Greek telephone costs. A great learning experience and a good time. We work hard but also like to use our weekends to explore the region, hike, visit the beach or other interesting sites around Thessaloniki.

If you are interested, please send us your CV and a short motivation letter to: contact@mobileinfoteam.org


Hope to see you on the team!



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