Volunteer Coordinators Needed

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12. July 2017
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Volunteer coordinators – A Drop in the Ocean

We are seeking coordinators to our operations in Greece with responsibilities for:
· coordinating the work among volunteers at the destinations
· operating various project run by A Drop in the Ocean
· managing A Drop in the Ocean´s warehouse at the destinations

Among the tasks are

· Information, training and follow up of volunteers, including coordinating volunteer aid-work by establishing team of volunteers to various tasks
· Activity on Social Media regarding our contribution at the destinations
· Considering new activities and running of ongoing projects for the organization at the destinations
· Funding of relevant projects
· Sourcing of equipment and receive donations to the organization’s distribution projects
· Establishing and maintaining inventory lists
· Maintenance of warehouse, market and distribution tasks

The coordinators contribute at one specific destination, and here, they have various responsibilities such as Project Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator and Warehouse Coordinator. Today, we are present on Chios, in Nea Kavala (Northern Greece) and in Skaramangas (Athens). The coordinators are the official representatives for A Drop in the Ocean at the destinations and cooperate with other NGOs, UNHCR and local authorities.

For being a coordinator, background and experience from humanitarian work, primarily from areas in crisis is an advantage. In addition, solid experience from project management and team leading is important, as well as good communication skills. A coordinator is service minded and have good abilities in general computer knowledge. All coordinators are fluent in English.

A coordinator with A Drop in the Ocean is travelling on his/her own responsibility, and must be able to contribute in Greece for at least 8 weeks. As for all volunteers with A Drop in the Ocean, one has to be above the age of 25 to be considered as a coordinator.

If interested in applying for a volunteer coordinator assignment, please forward your CV with letter of motivation to birgit@drapenihavet.no and tell when you are available, and for how long you are interested in volunteering in Greece.

Visit us at www.drapenihavet.no to know more about our organization 

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