CALL OUT for SWEDISH VOLUNTEERS For A Drop in the Ocean Drop-in centre, Athens

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4. June 2017
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Any SWEDISH VOLUNTEERS, or potential volunteers out there, this is the opportunity for you! A Drop in The Ocean will shortly be extending services at our Drop-in centre in Athens to provide language and some cultural integration learning to displaced persons who have been granted relocation to Sweden, both individuals and families, and we urgently need native Swedish speakers to assist in this programme.

The Centre, based in central Athens, has been providing this service since early May to people relocating to Norway, is organised lik a language cafe, and has been a haven of calm, learning, play, and of preparation for people's new start. Small learnings about culture, life, how things work, and of course, some basic language skills, but WE NEED YOU to help extend this little head start to people on their way to SWEDEN too. You won't regret it.

Please feel free to contact us via the website or facebook page with any questions.

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