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17. May 2017
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Our Project: Refugee Education Chios

 Refugee Education Chios is the largest education service for refugee children and youth stuck on Chios Island, Greece. At the most basic level, we fulfil a fundamental right of children – to access education. In Chios, children are continually denied access to the formal education system run by the Greek Government; we aim to continue to fill this gap and uphold children’s rights and provide a safe, fun and inspiring space for learning.

For nearly one year, we have provided of a safe space where young people can learn, develop and grow, where their innocence is restored and they can understand what it is to feel like a child or teenager again. Through developing a holistic education system that includes a primary school, high school, youth centre and cooking school, we have ensured that every person from the refugee community on Chios Island aged between 6-22 years old has access to at least three days of education and youth activities at one of our institutions.

The Cooking School

The Cooking School is one of four of our projects. It is a vocational skill based learning centre that provides a month long cooking course where 6 individuals from the refugee community can develop the basic professional skills of working in a kitchen. This is focused on individuals above the age of eighteen who do not access the schools or youth centre.

The food cooked  in the school is the food for the children who attend the primary school.

On the days where the cooking school is not being run, you would be expected to cook the food for the primary and secondary school with the team from the kitchen.

What we are looking for

We are looking for an experienced chef who can work in a team to deliver both theoretical and practical training. We have delivered two courses already, but are really open to new ideas and changing the format based on your ideas and experience.

Ideally, you would be:

  • professionally trained
  • have good team work skills
  • be flexible and accomodating to the changing synamics of the project


  • Accomodation will be covered by the organisation.

Please send your CV and note to nicholas@baas-schweiz.ch


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