KITCHEN/WAREHOUSE/ACTVITIES! Belgraid is searching for Volunteers!

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23. May 2017
Tags: logistics / warehouses | general support | Serbia: Belgrade | drivers license | help from home | cooking / food | admin / coordination | language | arts / sports / music | short-term | long-term | welcome anytime | ASAP | ongoing

****Volunteer Call*****

BelgrAid kitchen is searching for VOLUNTEERS!
We are preparing everyday 1200 meals for a camp.
During Ramadan we are searching for TEACHERS and people who are interested in joining our activity program inside a camp close to Belgrade City!
We also need help with our new opend warehouse!

Longterm Volunteers could be also trained in different LEADERSHIP roles!

We have accommodation available!

Feel free to ask more questions!

Email us at volunteer@belgraid.org

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