Transport needed for marmalade from Greece to Western Europe

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2. June 2017
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Looking for transport of  120 jars of bitter orange marmalade for many weeks already. Are there  any cars going to Western Europe from Athens? After six rounds of the project We Jam inEUmanity the jars of marmalade  need to travel to Western Europe. We are looking for free transport with e.g returning solidarity transports or private vehicles to Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Switzerland, Spain or Scandinavian countries from now on! We have contacts along the route and are asking for take and drop off. The jars are stored at the Fair Spot ( Themistokleus 24)

Adding to the description of the project  We Jam inEUmanity- Marmalade will not be sold but given as a gift. As the product wil not be sold, there is no need to comply with EU regulations for the labelling of processed food items (might be important for driving on the Balkans).

The aim of the project is to raise awareness& mobilise EU citizens and to ask& pressure legislators to not adopt bold proposals of the EU commission for Dublin IV and other directives, deals and procedures . People who wil eat the marmalade at action camps or wokshops etc will be given information about the process of making and will be asked to donate to  organisations, places and people involved with the project. However, the project has no budget at all and we cannot pay for any transport.

Thanks for any tipps!


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