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10. January 2017
Tags: logistics / warehouses | general support | General | Greece: Central (Athens area) | legal / info | tech / IT | admin / coordination | long-term | welcome anytime | ASAP | ongoing

Our main role is to work with volunteer teams and small NGOs to grow new solutions based on the smart aid approach: efficient & improving living conditions for refugees. If you are a former long-term volunteer or a volunteer currently in Greece, this could be for you! If you are looking for an organisation focused on building up on the creativity and hard work produced over the past year, this could be for you! We are looking for volunteers to join us in the day-to-day running of the organisation and to support the work we do in identifying new needs and solutions. This would include: Mapping current big challenges Identifying teams working on similar projects to improve coordination Supporting CAMPFIRE Innovation to fundraise for itself and others Recruiting volunteers for our team or matching them with other teams Coordinating workshops to generate new projects We are a team of former volunteers that have worked across Greece and remain dedicated to making refugees’ lives more dignified. Drop us a line at info@campfireinnovation.org

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