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10. January 2017
Tags: general support | Greece: Central (Athens area) | General | legal / info | tech / IT | help from home | admin / coordination | long-term | welcome anytime | ASAP | ongoing | short-term

CAMPFIRE Innovation is launching a collection of best practices by some of the smartest volunteer and grassroots solutions from the past year. The aim is to preserve the knowledge created and share the methods that have worked for any team to use or be inspired. We are looking for volunteers to help us turn the information, notes and examples we’ve been gathering through our visits to camps and projects across Greece over the past few months. Skills/Experience Current volunteers in Greece Former volunteers with experience in refugee in Greece or across Europe Incoming volunteers with a minimum commitment of 2 weeks Time commitment Remote or local, depending on experience. 5 hours/week, minimum commitment to produce 1 case study Drop us a line at program@campfireinnovation.org if you want to join in!”

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