Chef/ supervisor for camp kitchen

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10. May 2017
Tags: Greece: North and East | cooking / food | ASAP | long-term

We are always looking for people with experience of managing kitchens. The catering supplied by the state is coming to an end in the camps where we work at the end of April and there will be increasing reliance on the food we supply. We need chefs to take overall control of stock and people - the residents know the Syrian dishes and how to cook them. You'll find lots of kitchen related stories on our facebook page like this one https://www.facebook.com/RefugeeSupportGreece/videos/1770740906578713/

Please get in touch if you can help, ideally for about a month but 2 weeks would be fine. As an organisation reliant on donations, our resources are stretched but if you really need help, we can cover your accommodation costs. Please contact Paul for more details on info@refugeesupport.eu and you can see more of what we o at www.refugeesupport.eu

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