Construction Volunteers Needed!

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21. May 2017
Tags: logistics / warehouses | Greece: Central (Athens area) | construction | ongoing

Do Your Part  is looking for volunteers who are self-starters, but able to follow direction. Do Your Part has a team house in the nearby town of Dilesi where we can accommodate up to 8 volunteers. Our volunteers share the cooking and cleaning tasks for the team house. We do ask that each volunteer contribute to the cost of the housing at €10 per day**.

We are looking for volunteers to help in building the next stage of our community garden.  Interested volunteers will need carpentry skills and the ability to work from plans. Must be physically fit and both willing and able to work in hot weather conditions. Our minimum commitment for this position is 3 weeks but we are also looking for someone willing to make a long term commitment.

**subsidies are available for long term volunteers over 45 days.