ONLINE Volunteer Activists and Programme Coordinators for Case Work and Advocacy, to answer questions from refugees and asylum seekers in Greece, France, Serbia, Italy and London.

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24. July 2017
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We need urgently volunteers and coordiantors to help us manage all the case work that is generated through our facebook page. (facebook.com/asylumlinkseu)

What the online volunteer activist do is to answer questions that come on our Facebook page and direct people to the services ( medical, employment, legal and housing ) where they can get further support. We also advocate with UNHCR, Government Officials and Camp Managers and field workers about living conditions in the different sites.  We do receive around 100 messages per day. Right now we are around 30 volunteers, from the North America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East, but we need to reach at least 50 soon just for Greece. We have started recently to operate in London, Serbia and France. Soon also in Italy. 

No previous experience or particular language skill is necessary, just compassion and absolute confidentiality about the content you'll interact with. You'll receive training and constant support. Even few hours a week would make a huge difference. It can be an emotionally demanding task but it's also very rewarding. If you speak Arabic, Farsi/Dari, Pashto, Urdu, or any Kurdish language it's fantastic and you don't need to speak English fluently. You'll NOT be asked to deal with (boring) admin or fundrasing but just with the case work and advocacy. Please Join us, Thank you!

If you have at least 10 hours per week for roughly the next 3 months (all very negotiable), you can apply as a Program Coordinator or Fundrasing Coordinator, and help us with field operations, fundrasing, volunteers coordination and training, institutional advocacy and recruitment. We are a group of volunteers and a solidarity more than a charity, but we are a UK registered charity and you'll learn to work and manage a small Human Rights / International Development Organisation. You will be evaluated and evaluate our work regularly and you will have the chance to work with clients all around Europe.

Please Leave a message on facebook.com/asylumlinkseu , http://m.me/asylumlinkseu , saying  wether you want to be an online volunteer or a coordinator. A coordinator will start a conversation with you to understand how we can work together, let us also know how many hours per week you can dedicate to this and for how long. 

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