Skillshare Athens

Khora project creating opportunities for refugees to learn something new, teach what they know & connect with others
6. September 2016
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Tags: education | Greece: Central (Athens area)

Skillshare Athens is an Khora education project currently based in the City Plaza hotel, a new squat and housing experiment with nearly 400 residents. We are organising workshops and classes for those living in the hotel to promote the exchange of ideas and skills within the community. Our intention is to provide a space, resources and a support network to empower people to shape an education programme catering to their particular learning needs and wishes. The project arose from an understanding that in addition to meeting basic needs, we can expand the support we are offering, recognizing the passions, skills, experiences and knowledge of those who find themselves in Greece more long term. By establishing an alternative education initiative organized around principles of cultural integration and personal development, we are challenging the constraints of the refugee status and its inherent instability. We are currently providing English, German and French language classes for around 150 adults at the City Plaza, whilst continuing conversation classes at various locations around Athens. This programme will expand to include a diverse range of skill sharing opportunities at the hotel, and in collaboration with different venues and projects in the city. Ultimately, we aim for this programme to be self-sustaining and community run by participants, supporting and facilitating independence and self-empowerment. Khora is a co-operative foundation based in Greece, providing ongoing compassionate support to refugees in Athens and surrounding areas. +30 695 538 2463

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