CAMPFIRE Innovation

CAMPFIRE is a new initiative focused on providing admin, coordination and resources support to small NGOs and volunteer teams taking a smart and creative approach to aid and the refugee crisis
6. September 2016
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Tags: logistics / warehouses | general support | infrastructure | Greek Islands: Lesvos | Greece: North and East | Greece: Central (Athens area) | Greece: West | Greek Islands: Other (not Lesvos) | General | tech / IT | admin / coordination

CAMPFIRE Innovation believes in the power of grassroots teams, volunteer groups and small NGOs to create smart solutions to the refugee crisis that preserve the dignity of refugees. Our role is to support these teams by helping them access resources, knowhow, tech support,expand their activities and grow their teams. We are currently developing projects and tools that are open to all to teams to apply, regardless of how new they are. We also map out the innovative projects happening on the ground in Greece and doing our best to showcase their work.

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