Hope Project

Hope Project is a community centre in Thessaloniki designed to equip and empower displaced children and adults through creative learning programmes.
10. April 2017
Giannitson 79, 546 27 Thessaloniki, Greece
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Tags: protection / work with kids | education | Greece: North and East | food

Our mission at the Hope Project is to equip and empower displaced children and adults through informal, creative educational programmes which include Maths, Science, English, Sports, Art and Arabic, as well as a Life Skills integration programme specifically designed for young people and adults. Hope Project aims to provide a safe environment and a platform where they develop and contribute towards everything at the centre, society and their own future.

Eleanor Yankah and Tania De Sousa have been volunteering. coordinating, fundraising  and distributing together for the last 13 months. The idea for Hope Project came from many conversations with the people they met over the last year. Although Hope Project is facilitated by Eleanor Yankah and Tania De Sousa, the centre will be managed entirely by the refugee community themselves, whether it’s a construction project, delivering a cooking workshop, teaching children and/or adults, overseeing the maintenance of the centre or helping with administration duties, we believe it is an integral part of the project to allow the freedom to work and to contribute towards building a community within the centre, as well as their own development and integration into society.

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