Northern Lights Aid

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29. July 2017
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Tags: logistics / warehouses | education | Greek Islands: Lesvos | Greece: North and East | food

In September 2015 the founders of Northern Lights Aid traveled to Lesvos. We quickly realized that there was a desperate need for volunteers. So we decided to make Lesvos our new home. In January 2016 we founded Northern Lights.

Northern Lights have a permanent team on Lesvos with people who have experience coordinating for other NGOs on Lesvos, and volunteers who have been working on the island for more than two months. We also have a team in Norway working with fundraising, orientation meetings, and follow-up of ex-volunteers.

We are a small organization established in Norway. We provide shelter, clothes, hygiene articles, activities, legal advice/information and distribute other NFIs like pots, tubs, fireplaces and firewood. We do a lot of different work, and everything we do, we do tent by tent. We never do mass-distributions and try as much as we can to facilitate for the people staying there to be as self efficient as possible, without staying in lines for hours.


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