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7. November 2016
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European Lawyers in Lesvos is a project organised jointly by the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE) and the German Bar Association (DAV). Its main aim is to send European lawyers to the island of Lesvos to support Greek lawyers in the provision of legal assistance to migrants requiring international protection. The purpose of this project is to give refugees in Lesvos the chance to receive individual legal advice from a lawyer. This is more important than ever, especially in the current international climate, as there is great uncertainty amongst the more than 4,000 migrants/refugees on the island about their legal entitlements. To support the efforts of Greece at this time, EU member states are currently sending numerous police officers and asylum law experts to Greece. We strongly believe that in order to ensure due process of law, every person requesting or requiring international protection should be able to consult a lawyer. This is the only way to ensure that the rule of law is preserved. In the framework of the project, at least two volunteer lawyers from CCBE member organisations will work on a pro bono and temporary basis in collaboration with their Greek colleagues. They will essentially give preliminary advice. Where any litigation may be required before a Court or Tribunal in Greece, contact will be made with a Greek Bar or a member of the Greek bars. Another aim of the project is to produce and distribute general legal information for migrants requiring international protection. To achieve this aim we will cooperate with other organisations that are already present in Greece. Lawyers who would like to participate in the project should meet the following criteria: --Able to spend a minimum of two weeks in Lesvos --Training and/or experience in Asylum Law and the law of international protection --Good command of English --Knowledge of Arabic would be an asset Please fill out the volunteer form:

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