Save Assist Outreach (Sao)

search and rescue on Lesvos
4. October 2016
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Tags: search and rescue | Greek Islands: Lesvos

The aggravation of the refugee crisis in 2015 was what cemented the will of the SAO’s founders to look out for like-minded persons and take immediate action trying to ensure the saving of lives at sea. Our field of activities is based on Lesvos, concentrating on safe landings, integration to the local society of people looking for Asylum and improving living conditions. With the borders closed, estimated 57'000 humans are stranded in Greece and will have to wait for asylum, family reunification or relocation decisions. We put our efforts into helping to create acceptable conditions and provide legal support as well as education. Sao is the name of one of the fifty daughters of Nereus, the mythical Nereids. Sao's charging was to ensure saftety of lives at sea.

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