Warehouse Manager – IHA warehouse Northern Greece

18. June 2018
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IHA is a German non-profit association focusing on provding material support to refugees across Europe. We have a continuous presence in Northern Greece since more than two years and are cooperating closely with grassroots projects, NGOs and local initiatives. In May this year, we have taken over operations of the central humanitarian warehouse in Northern Greece (previously operated by Help Refugees), located 20km northwest of Thessaloniki. The warehouse receives and stocks donated relief supplies (food, clothes, hygiene articles) from Greece and abroad and redistributes them to a variety of organisations and projects in the region. It also serves as the base for a number of associated projects.


Warehouse Operating Objectives

  • Advertise available stock to partners and user groups (volunteer projects, grassroots NGOs, local initiatives)
  • Fulfil orders with quality, accuracy and timeliness
  • Forecast demand for relief supplies in the region
  • Source relief supplies
  • Focus - only carry the stock that is needed
  • Look after the stock and the site
  • Provide a safe & positive working environment for volunteers


Key responsibilites

  • Advertise: maintain database of current and potential  partners and user groups, set up regular communications to advertise available stock
  • Fulfil: efficient and accurate stock picking, packing, standard labelling, tracking, loading and (in some cases) delivering
  • Forecast: using historic and predictive data to forecast demand by product and by time of year.
  • Source: attract donations or purchase required relief supplies efficiently, coordinate with donors from abroad
  • Focus: Clear out unneeded stock, align warehouse space and resources with needs
  • Maintain: establish and maintain a good standard of warehousing that cares for the stock and the site
  • Provide: make working in the warehouse, safe, fulfilling and fun for volunteers


Desirable competencies

  • Seller: proactive about attracting donors, finding new partners and clearing out unneeded stock
  • Good at devising, maintaining and improving processes, preferably experience in a warehouse/logistics setting
  • Familiar with information and communications technology, interested in implementing digital logistics solutions
  • Motivational leader, good at involving and motivating a broad mixture of volunteers
  • High operational standards and expectations
  • Driving license (regular), experience driving vans 


Further information

  • The warehouse manager will be part of an experienced team, working closely with IHA's Country Director, Field Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator as well as IHA's Operations Manager 
  • Monthly stipend: 500 - 550 € (depending on experience)
  • If required: free accommodation in the volunteer flat in Diavata
  • Minimum commitment: 3 months, starting as soon as possible (stipend available from July)
  • We will prioritise applicants with previous experience working in the volunteer/grassroots humanitarian sector, either in Greece or other locations. Please provide references. 
  • Contact info@iha.help for more information

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