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2. May 2018
Tags: General | tech / IT | help from home | ongoing

We are looking for people who spend many hours a week on the Internet in relation to refugees and volunteering. Your task is mainly to ...

  • Make people and NGO aware that GV exists and that they can use it
  • Feed information found on the Web into GV databases


If people don't know about GV, let them know that they can find information there.

Posting on GV

Tell people and NGOs that they can post on GV. These are the databases where people and NGOs can post their needs and share goods or ideas with others:

  • volunteers needed
  • Goods needed and offered
  • it works!

If you see posts on fb, websites or any other place where these databases might be helpful, tell them about it.

Present your teams or organisation

Contact NGOs and invite them to present themselves on GV so that others can see them. If you have direct contact to people of NGOs tell them about the GV services.


Add locations like warehouses, camps, practical stores, etc. directly to the GV databases with Google maps and contact details.

Room Sharing

Make people aware that GV has a room sharing database where people can OFFER as well as ASK FOR rooms. Tell them to post on  GV (that concerns mostly facebook posts).


If you will spend many hours a week on the Internet and you know everything what is going on, then your the person we need.