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16. May 2018
Tags: education | general support | Greece: North and East | arts / sports / music | long-term

Lifting Hands International is looking for volunteers to help with our women's space ASAP, for the residents of a camp in Serres, a small town about one hour away from Thessaloniki.

The female-friendly space is a time for women to escape the chaos of camp and daily responsibilities. Our volunteers help to facilitate a safe space for these amazing women by running activities, talking with the women, helping to watch their babies and providing workshops where possible. The Serres camp has a population of approximately 450 residents, all of whom are Yazidi refugees. 

What it takes to work with women at LHI:

  • We love it when volunteers have additional skills such as arts and crafts, weaving, crochet, massage and art, but what’s most important is a positive attitude and an open mind!
  • Passion for building strong communities and safe spaces for women.
  • Ability to communicate across language barriers
  • Compassion for vulnerable women, ability to engage with those from different backgrounds
  • Some experience or knowledge of gender related issues in a refugee context

The women love this beautiful space and welcome all volunteers as members of the community- for this reason we ask that you stay a minimum of 30 days (though the women here will make you want to stay longer)!  We can offer housing at our volunteer apartment in the centre of Serres for 5 euros per night.

For more information on the project please visit liftinghandsinternational.org or email greecevolunteer@liftinghandsinternational.org