Volunteer Youth Workers Needed for Refugee Education Chios

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4. January 2018
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We are looking for volunteer youth workers to join our project from March onwards.


Refugee Education Chios was founded in May 2016, and over the last year has been setting up and running the largest education system for refugee children and youth on Chios Island, Greece. Our team is made of mostly volunteers who have given up their time to educate the children from the refugee community. The project has had over 600 volunteers from over 36 different countries. Our volunteers are dedicated individuals who continue to stand up to the injustices that are taking place on the borders of Europe.


At the most basic level, we fulfil a fundamental right of children - to access education. In Chios, children are continually denied access to the formal education system run by the Greek Government and there are no immediate plans to integrate the children arriving into Europe into the local education system. We have seen just how successful our programme is and want to continue it until the Government establishes a formal procedure for educating the children and youth here.

If you would like to volunteer with us, please check the requirements below and if you meet them, send your CV to nicholaspmillet@gmail.com


The following requirements are for teachers in our school but if you are looking to join as a youth centre worker, you do not necessarily need a teaching qualification.

  • Experience teaching English either in a formal school setting or in non-formal education settings.
  • Experiene in social work / councelling 
  • Experience working with youth in either a youth centre, summer camps or sport programmes.
  • Can commit to at least 6 weeks volunteering in Greece.

We provide shared accommodation on the Island.


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