Volunteers needed to support kids activities, adult learning, & Free Shop distributions at Larissa-Koutsochero Camp.

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5. December 2017
Tags: education | logistics / warehouses | general support | Greece: North and East | Greece: Central (Athens area) | Greece: West | work with kids | arts / sports / music | drivers license | construction | short-term | long-term | ongoing

Skilled, long term volunteers are needed to join the InterVolve team working alongside communities at Larissa-Koutsochero Camp. We need volunteers over Christmas and in January.

We are looking for individuals to lead and support adult learning, community involvement and integration projects, and to facilitate women’s and children’s activities, and distributions from our Free Shop.

Those with Arabic, French, and Sorani language skills are especially encouraged to apply. Those with backgrounds in childhood development, TEFL experience, and kids education are also strongly encouraged to apply

For more info and to apply - please see this document https://docs.google.com/document/d/185vWgjeWIkTcJsEGbjTau-5iSt30Z5y3xGsSaIui0To/edit?ts=59aebe10

Questions? Contact Alice at operations@intervolvegr.com