Help setting up in Katsikas camp

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10. November 2017
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After 9 months 'pending opening', Katsikas camp is now scheduled to open on 15 December and it does look like it is going to happen. There is a lot of preparation on the camp and all the agencies are now co-ordinating to be ready at this time.

It will be receiving families from the islands and likely to be all Syrian.

It will be chaotic on the camp for the first few months so we need volunteers who can help to provide some calm, dignity and normality for the new arrivals at this disruptive time for them. We have already created a mini-market and clothes boutiques on site, with plans to help with other activities on the site.

If you are available from 15 December, please get in touch. You will be part of one of the country's leading volunteer groups with over 18 months' experience in Greece. We have constantly improved how we work, all thanks to the great volunteers who have been part of the Refugee Support family. 

You can read stories from the 500 or so volunteers, from nearly 40 nations, aged 15-79 years old, who have worked with us here: http://www.refugeesupport.eu/help-us-with-your-time/

You can find out more and apply here: http://www.refugeesupport.eu/help-us-with-your-time/  or you can always contact me with any questions: Paul Hutchings, info@refugeesupport.eu

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