English, Greek and Computer Skills Support Needed

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16. November 2017
Tags: education | Greece: Central (Athens area) | tech / IT | ongoing

Kitab World Education works 1:1 with students aged 16+ whose education has been disrupted by war or other systemic hardship. Mentors  and coaches from around the world connect with students on a weekly basis to assist with job readiness skills, finding work, and with longer-term education. 

We are about to start offering small group sessions (up to 8 students) in our office in downtown Athens. These sessions will focus on teaching English (beginner to advanced), Greek (beginner) and computer skills (beginner to intermediate). We need some motivated, organized, and creative volunteers to assist us in offering 1-2 hour classes in these areas.

If you have an interest please contact Barbara at barbara@kitabngo.org for more information and an application. 

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