Volunteers Needed (beach landings and arrival support at Stage 2 UNHCR Camp + warehouse distribution outside Moria Camp)

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16. January 2018
Tags: education | search and rescue | general support | logistics / warehouses | Greek Islands: Lesvos | construction | cooking / food | work with kids | language | help from home | admin / coordination | arts / sports / music | drivers license | tech / IT | short-term | long-term | welcome anytime | ongoing

Since April 2017, we have supported refugees in their desperate journey towards Europe. We are at the forefront of this humanitarian crisis, based on the northern shores of Lesvos, Greece.

We are founded and run by Syrian refugee Omar Alshakal. Omar sought to create a non-political organisation that addresses the needs and concerns of refugees, while also encouraging fellow asylum seekers to get involved and take the lead in relief efforts.

This is a Lesvos-based role where you work with our Volunteer Coordinator based in Skala Sikamineas. You will be involved in daily tasks that include spotting for boats, refugee transport, cooking at Stage 2 refugee camp and emergency response to boat landings on Lesvos' northern coast. You may also be needed at a warehouse we run, where we collect and distribute clothes and aid for refugees in Moria Camp. It's opposite the camp, near Mitilini.

Minimum volunteer duration is 2 weeks and minimum age is 19 years old.

You must be motivated with an adaptable attitude as the tasks will vary. You may be busy with refugee boats arriving (day or night) or if there are fewer arrivals you will be required to help at the Mitilini warehouse and maintenance at the UNHCR Stage 2 Camp.

This is a non-political role and political activism is not encouraged. We work to help refugees in their immediate needs, regardless of political viewpoints. 

We are full until March but need volunteers from then through the summer.

www.refugee4refugees.org and www.facebook.com/refugee4refugees