Livelihoods Coordinator and Volunteer

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27. September 2017
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Hestia Hellas is looking for individuals who enjoy creating opportunities to help others develop themselves professionally. Our livelihoods program aims at providing support for refugees and Greeks alike who have been affected by the economic crisis and to re-establish sustainable livelihood through a community recovery approach.

We have recently started a new vocational training for men and women interested in learning IT skills. We are seeking volunteers who have a strong knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint), CV and/or resume preparation, and interviewing skills. We are interested in volunteers who have a great sense of professional development and understand the importance of computer skills in today’s workforce and who has experience in interview prep. If you are a person who is enthusiastic for personal and professional development our livelihoods program is the right fit for you!


  Visit our website to learn more about volunteering with our livelihoods program or email us at HR@HestiaHellas.org !

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