Community Outreach Volunteer - Athens

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4. December 2017
Tags: general support | Greece: Central (Athens area) | drivers license | admin / coordination | long-term | ongoing

CAMPFIRE Innovation is an organisation active in refugee aid in Greece since September 2016. Our role is to unite the grassroots community. The grassroots community includes: volunteer projects, small non-profit organisations, local communities.  We coordinate smarter, more effective aid projects that improve conditions for thousands of refugees, guaranteeing them dignity.

Our activities include:

  • Monthly Smart Aid Gatherings to increase collaboration and coordination amongst teams.
  • Match & Connecting various projects to resources (volunteers, legal support, tech tools etc.) to help them grow.
  • Pro Bono Expert Volunteers Program for increasing the capacity of grassroots organisations

Job Description:

Campfire Innovation is creating a network of grassroots organisations providing humanitarian aid in Greece. The Community Outreach Volunteer is responsible for building out contacts and maintaining relationships with the teams working in refugee response in the area of refugee response in Athens and its surrounding.

We are looking for individuals in Athens to visit various projects, to map the active organisations and to understand the needs and upcoming projects of the teams and to make them aware of our work.

Job Requirements:

  • Minimum 3 months experience with the refugee crisis, preferably experience from the field.
  • Excellent communication skills, including intercultural communication.
  • Confidence in interacting with other organisations and other members of the team.
  • Currently located in Athens or willing to relocate.
  • Willing to travel outside Athens.
  • Driving license required.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Identify grassroots organisations, NGO’s, teams of volunteers and local contacts.
  • Arrange visits and develop relationships with those organisations and teams.
  • Map all the active grassroots organisations in the area and identify if they can be considered Smart Aid projects and/or how they could improve their functioning.
  • Recognise the needs and challenges of the organisations and find ways to support them in fulfilling those needs and facing those challenges.
  • Connect organisations across the network with the incoming resources to increase the capacity.
  • Organise Smart Aid Gatherings (monthly showcase of successful projects and networking opportunity) and other events, inviting organisations and teams, facilitating the event.
  • Participating monthly Coordination Meetings.


  • Minimum time requirement: 5 - 7 hours per week
  • Part time: 15 - 20 hours per week

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