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10. August 2017
Tags: Greek Islands: Lesvos | language | drivers license | tech / IT | construction | long-term

We are running a workshop activity where refugees implementing sewing, weaving, jewelry and various crafts techniques, will be using dinghies and life vests in creating bags, wallets, toys and various accessories.

We are looking for volunteers who:

  • have a background or experience that is relevant to the upcycling project (sewing, weaving, crafts, jewelry, printing, design, etc.)
  • can volunteer long term (a minimum of three weeks is required, but longer term is highly appreciated)
  • will contribute in the creative growth of the project through experimentation, design and research for existing and new products and techniques
  • are willing to interact with refugees in a crafts related context of activity
  • will support the tailors with technical guidance, idea generation, implementation and production
  • will be facilitating the workflow, rather than producing the upcycled goods
  • are self motivated and can take initiatives in further developing the project
  • have a good command of English or Greek


  • Arabic, Farsi and French is a strong asset
  • products' branding, photography, graphic design are strong assets
  • driver's license


Nikos 6947350610, upcycling@lighthouserelief.org

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