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16. January 2018
Tags: general support | Greece: Central (Athens area) | admin / coordination | long-term | ongoing

CAMPFIRE Innovation is an organisation active in refugee aid in Greece since September 2016. Our role is to unite the grassroots community. The grassroots community includes: volunteer projects, small non-profit organisations, local communities.  We coordinate smarter, more effective aid projects that improve conditions for thousands of refugees, guaranteeing them dignity.

Our activities include:

  • Monthly Smart Aid Gatherings to increase collaboration and coordination amongst teams.
  • Match & Connecting various projects to resources (volunteers, legal support, tech tools etc.) to help them grow.
  • Pro Bono Expert Volunteer Program though which we increase the capacity of grassroots organisations.

We search for long term volunteers.

Job Description:

D & P Volunteers assess incoming requests for donations, support, partnerships for the teams we work with. The volunteer also researches fundraising opportunities for Campfire Innovation and prepares grant applications and reports.

Job Requirements:

  • Experience with the refugee crisis preferred but not necessary if the volunteer is available to volunteer at the same time in another organisation the field.
  • Previous fundraising experience required.
  • Confidence in interacting with partners, donors and funders.
  • Experience/Understanding of writing funding applications.
  • Critical and analytical thinking.
  • Previous experience in due diligence or assessment of projects.
  • Athens based or remote.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Identify and maintain contact with funders and donors.
  • Conduct assessment of incoming partners and projects.
  • Build relationships with partners and ensure ongoing communications.
  • Liaising with the community outreach team to identify good matches on the ground.
  • Act as an advocate of different organisations and their needs.
  • Pursue other funding and grant opportunities.


  • Minimum time requirement or Remote: 5 to 7 hours per week.
  • Part time Athens: 15 to 20 hours per week.

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