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8. June 2017
Tags: Greek Islands: Lesvos | admin / coordination | long-term | ASAP

About ODD:
Office of Displaced Designers is an architecture and design organisation that facilitates skills-sharing. We support multi-disciplinary projects related to and/ or impacting the built environment, protection issues, social cohesion, integration or cultural understanding.

Our office is located in Mytilene centre on Lesvos (Greece) where we host workshops, classes and events for both displaced persons and locals.


We are looking for a Volunteer Community Manager with an interest in design to support our team and to help grow our community.

This role provides the opportunity to engage in a variety of design and action research projects engaging with local and international organisations and institutions as well as local and displaced communities. You will be supported by a small international team who possess backgrounds in architecture, design and communications.

The minimum commitment is 20 hours per week, which includes some communications and outreach work, developing social media content, attending regular meetings, networking and some coordination and administrative tasks.

*This role is open to being expanded upon to include facilitation of workshops and project development, dependent on relevant skills and current needs and interests.

Our regular office hours are 10am- 6pm but times may differ depending on current projects and scheduled events.


About you:

  • Minimum age: 25 years
  • Minimum commitment: 3 months
  • Experience in participatory processes and/ or community based work is essential
  • You must be a confident English speaker
  • You must have relevant experience in communications: journalism, social media, photography or film, for example
  • You will need to have a flexible and empathetic outlook, and you must be reliable
  • Local residents are highly encouraged to apply

To apply:
Please email shareen@displaceddesigners.org with answers to the following questions:

  1. Who are you? (Name, age, nationality)
  2. Why are you interested in volunteering with ODD?
  3. Please describe your previous experience in community organizing/ participatory processes or similar work experience. Be sure to outline any experience working with vulnerable cases.
  4. What is your interest in or previous experience with design/ creative fields? (If you do not have experience, you may still be considered)
  5. Please tell us about any other skills or experiences you think are relevant to the role.
  6. What are your other current commitments? How will you ensure that you are able to fulfil a three-month posting?

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